Bump-Friendly Dresses

Shop bump-friendly dresses for a style you can wear again and again. These maternity dresses grow with you - for the next 9 months and beyond. Scroll for your new favourite maternity clothing.

  1. Black Sylvia Midaxi Dress
    From £75.00

    Black Sylvia Midaxi Dress

  2. From £85.00

    Fearne Cotton Nova Midi Dress

  3. From £65.00

    Fearne Cotton Maria Midi Dress

  4. From £55.00

    Fearne Cotton Rachel Midi Dress

  5. From £89.00

    Pink Floral Nova Midi Dress

  6. From £75.00

    White Broderie Tilly Mini Dress

  7. From £79.00

    Fearne Cotton Elsa Embroidered Midaxi Dress

  8. From £59.00

    Fearne Cotton Seed Packet Print Cassidy Midaxi Dress

  9. Pink Floral Maya Midi Dress
    From £59.00

    Pink Floral Maya Midi Dress

  10. Pink Square Neck Knitted Midi Dress
    From £59.00

    Pink Square Neck Knitted Midi Dress

  11. From £65.00

    Green Floral Kelsie Midi Dress

  12. From £65.00

    Sky Blue Floral Margot Midi Dress

  13. From £59.00

    Long Sleeve Floral Astrid Midi Dress

  14. From £65.00

    Black Maria Smock Midi Dress

  15. From £55.00

    Neon Green Millie Smock Midaxi Dress

  16. From £79.00

    White Floral Broderie Anglaise Mini Dress

  17. Blue Daisy Kylie Midi Dress
    From £69.00

    Blue Daisy Kylie Midi Dress

  18. From £69.00

    Ditsy Pink May Midi Dress

  19. From £69.00

    Pink Gingham Kylie Midi Dress

  20. Black Aida Midi Dress
    From £69.00
    Black Aida Midi Dress
  21. From £75.00
    Green/White Gingham Elsa Midi Dress
  22. Black Elizabeth Midi Dress
    From £85.00
    Black Elizabeth Midi Dress
  23. From £79.00
    Pale Blue Cassie Midi Dress
  24. From £59.00
    Black and White Gingham Smock Maya Midi Dress
  25. From £45.00
    Black Speckle Print Rachel Midi Dress
  26. From £55.00
    Green Check Rachel Midi Dress