We’re on a mission. A mission to revolutionise women’s fashion by making it more sustainable and affordable. Our message is clear: we believe thoughtfully made clothes can exist at an accessible price point with sustainable materials. 

To us, responsibility always comes first. Nobody’s Child was built on a mutual care and passion for the protection of the environment; every collection is born from our ambition to do better for our Earth.

We make clear, honest, and thoughtful choices, taking into consideration our effect on the planet at every point in our journey.

We’re dedicated to changing the world, step by step:

  • We promise to use conscious fabrics that have been sourced and manufactured responsibly.
  • We promise to diminish waste at every stage of our process by recycling and repurposing fabric, using responsible packaging, and reducing our impact.
  • We promise to always be transparent with our processes in the hope of making a positive influence.

It’s important for us to acknowledge that we do not claim to be sustainable. The fashion industry flourishes from consumption and this — in itself — contradicts the concept of sustainability. So, instead, we’re committed to acting responsibly and making mindful choices to minimise our social and environmental impact, whilst being candid with our customers. 

This is our revolution.

Doing a world of good for people and the planet is what we truly believe in. Because while we’re on a journey, we feel positive about the change we can make along the way.