Doubling the life of a garment from one year to two years reduces its emissions over the year by 24%.

The most responsible clothes are those that last a lifetime. Roughly a quarter of a garment’s environmental impact happens after it arrives in your home, which is why we’re here to help you take care of what you buy and make it last. 

Take care

Wash less

Clothes worn next to the skin do not usually need washing after one wear.

Fill to the max

Half loads of laundry use almost as much energy and detergent as the full thing.

Keep things cool

Always take note of your care label, but doing your laundry at 30° is kinder to the planet.





Protect your synthetics

Materials like polyester release microfibres into waterways. Protect them by choosing an responsible wash bag, such as a Guppyfriend Bag for every cycle.  

Line dry

Line drying your clothes helps keep them in good shape for longer, reduces the need for ironing, and saves on energy. 

Repair it

If you can, learn basic mending tricks to save throwing out faulty clothes. Find inspiration from Lily Fullop (@mindful_mending).

Alter and update

Update your clothes yourself. Find your local tailor or check out Sojo (@Sojo_App) and The Seam (@the_seam_london).


When your clothes no longer work for you, give them a new home with  Depop  or  Thrift+.