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Responsibility isn’t just another target at Nobody’s Child. As a team, we care deeply about the impact we have on the Earth and we’re working hard to lower it. Currently we’ve mapped out three overarching goals that we’re on a mission to achieve by 2025. However, small changes make a difference too. With this in mind, we’ve also set a series of next steps for 2024 for each of our three pillars. We plan to provide more information as we go. This is designed to keep us on track and ensure that we’re making progress in every area of our business this year.

The goals

1. Introduce circular design principles into 75% of our range by 2025

We’ll train our design and buying teams on circularity. In fact, we’ve already started. We’ve introduced specific training for our design team and we’re developing tools to ensure circular principles are incorporated into all our clothes.

2. Make every collection from 100% responsible fabrics by 2025 

Responsible fabric alternatives will be continually assessed for all product types and integrated into our material mix regularly​. We’ll continue to always choose the most responsible versions of all key fabrics and stay up to date with the latest innovations in the industry.

3. Be a climate positive business by 2030

We’re in the process of updating our carbon footprint with the overall aim of becoming climate-positive. We are working closely with a specialist consultancy to fully map and understand our emissions, create a carbon reduction strategy and set science-based targets.

Next steps for 2024


• Provide mental health and wellbeing training to the business, equipping first aiders with hands on support tactics for their colleagues

• Publish our first Modern Slavery Statement to accompany our Code of Conduct and Subcontracting Policy

• Partner with a charity in one of our strategic sourcing countries that reflects our values

• Introduce an employee volunteering scheme with Smartworks to further support our collaboration, helping them give women the tools they need to reach their full potential


• Update our carbon footprint for 2021/22 and 2022/23 so we have the latest information on all our emissions throughout our supply chain

• Offset our entire emissions for 2021/22 to become carbon neutral (the balance between the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere)

• Work with EcoAct, a specialist carbon consultancy to produce a reduction strategy and review hotspots where we can immediately reduce our emissions

• Set science-based targets (SBTis) to achieve these reductions


• Continue to grow our responsible fibre mix towards our target of 100% as this has the largest overall positive impact on our carbon emissions, water usage and biodiversity

• Continue to review and introduce new innovative fibres and fabrics to ensure we’re using the most responsible choices

• Finish complete mapping of tiers 2 and 3 in our supply chain before publishing on our website

• Continue integrating circular design principles into our product creation process using our new scorecard to influence SS24 designs

• Continue to work collaboratively with Textiles 2030 and openly share our projects with the wider retail community

• Review our customer takeback offering and educate customers on the most responsible options available to them

• Develop partnership with SOJO to offer repair and tailoring services to our customers, helping them to love their clothes for longer

• Work with our partner Fabacus to develop our Digital Product Passport proposition with the aim to roll it out to the full AW24 collection

• Continue to work with ACS and eBay to develop our preloved proposition

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