Warehouse update

After months of planning, we're finally ready to share some big news — we’re moving to a new warehouse! It’s super-important to us to make sustainable choices for our business, so we’ve chosen a warehouse that’s aligned with our core values and ethos. The new warehouse is dedicated to minimising waste and promoting resource efficiency. 

Not just that they’re committed to circularity too, with over 11 tonnes of materials recycled each month. In fact, over the last year they have recycled over 130 tonnes of cardboard, saving 6 million litres of water and over 700kw of energy (that’s enough to run a house for 6 months!)

How it affects you:

Moving all the clothes from our old warehouse to the new is no mean feat. And, unfortunately, the move will affect some of our deliveries when we make the switch this week. From 4th - 11th November, you will experience a delay to your parcel’s delivery due to some behind-the-scenes work we’re doing. However, we’re working extra hard to make sure your parcel arrives to you on time. 

We’re also pausing our international deliveries, but this isn’t a goodbye forever we’ll be back as soon as possible!

FYI, there will be a delay in processing our returns too. Please be patient with our Customer Service team and know we will do everything we can to get your refund back to you as quickly as we can.

Thank you for understanding and supporting our future!

Returns update:

Our returns are going paperless! Nobody’s Child has taken returns online.This means you’ll no longer receive a returns label with your order.