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As of 2020, we have improved our packaging by introducing eco-friendly plastics and recyclable FSC-certified paper on our product tags.

Each order is packaged in a transparent 100% recyclable inner bag. These bags help to preserve garments in the warehouse and protect them from damage during delivery.



Each inner bag is posted to you in a recycled and 100% recyclable polythene delivery bag. We do not currently use oxo-degradable or biodegradable plastics in our packaging although it is something we have explored. Our reason for this is that oxo-degradable plastic needs oxygen to degrade, and biodegradable plastics also need specific conditions to decompose, so if it gets sent deep into landfill it may not decompose due to the lack of oxygen and UV light.

We make considered changes only when we can ensure the solution presented is 100% the best step towards sustainability.