At Nobody’s Child, we’re driven by creating responsible and affordable fashion for kind and spirited women. Every collection is born from our instinctive ambition to strive to do better, and spread the message that caring for yourself and caring for our planet go hand in hand. We want to empower our customers to be the very best version of themselves and we create our conscious collections with this in mind.

We are an independent, London-based brand, powered by a passionate team of changemakers and skilled people who make our clothes. Our collections are brought to life by our signature in-house designed prints, elevated silhouettes, and responsible manufacturing.

Founded in 2015, as we learn and grow, we are continuing to improve our impact and listen to our community. We have a positive team culture that is supportive, rewarding and passionate to grow. Above all, we are guided by our customers’ love of fashion, self-expression and considered approach towards sustainability.

“Here at Nobody’s Child, we have a positive vision for the future. We believe thoughtfully created clothes should be the rule, not the exception, and we’re dedicated to making responsible and affordable pieces, whilst being as transparent and honest as possible.” –  Jody Plows, CEO.


We want to be part of the solution.

Right now, we are following a plan to better our processes from fibre and material selection through to the finished garment, and even considering how best to improve the lifecycle of our clothes once they’re in the hands of our customer. Our Responsible Brand Commitment outlines five key areas of focus for our work.