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It is integral that when you purchase from Nobody’s Child that you feel confident your garments have been produced in acceptable and ethical conditions. Our factories span across 7 countries and each one shares our common vision for accountability and transparency. All our factories are required to undergo yearly third-party audits to ensure fair, safe and healthy working conditions.

Our lead factory is Echotex, which is Platinum certified. Higg Index.

Echotex was the first of its kind in Bangladesh to establish a modern effluent treatment plant. Echotex received a National environmental award in 2010. By using less water in dying, Echotex is more than four times efficient than the average dying plant. Echotex harvest rainwater to reduce dependency on ground water reserves. All sewing machines are energy efficient and conserve energy by 60%.

We want to work with all our factories on instilling these principles.

Our future plans are to focus on energy, chemicals and water usage in our partner factories.



Eco factories
Manufactured in a certified eco factory.



For further information on our factories, please get in touch with us: heretohelp@nobodyschild.com