Took Part in the #WomensMarch? Read the Next Steps…

Took Part in the #WomensMarch? Read the Next Steps…


You know when you really look forward to something, and then when it finally arrives, it’s a bit… well, rubbish. 2017 in a nutshell, right? A month in, and the world’s literally gone to pot. Entire nations have been left stranded at airports, a 1000-mile wall’s being built across America, and global warming – *control-A-delete* – wait, what was that last one?


But all is not lost. People are banding together across the globe and fighting for what’s right. In fact, no less than 4.8 million of us stood up against discrimination as part of the Women’s March on the 21st January. But it’s going to take a whole lot more than a single day to bring about change, so what now? Well, grab your placards, girls, ‘cos we’re gonna be busy…


We list the next important steps in this twenty-first century battle for equality!


23rd February – Reclaim the Night, Manchester


Kicking off at 7pm in Owen’s Park, Manchester, ‘Reclaim the Night’ is an annual parade campaigning for the right that women should be able to walk the streets after-dark, free from sexual violence, street harassment and assault. Following the march, all are invited to join the event’s after-party; a festival of female talent, including live music, stand-up comedy, and sets from some of the city’s best DJs, at the Manchester Students’ Union.


women fighting for equality at the Manchester reclaim the night march


Write to your MP


The organisers of the Women’s March are putting together a ten-step program for female activists to follow during the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency. One of which suggests writing to your local MP, or even the Prime Minister, about the issues you feel need addressing right now. As with everything, if enough people do it, then it can’t be ignored… can it?


gender equality artwork for women's march


8th March – International Women’s Day, World-Wide


Always an important one – expect this year to be bigger, bolder and brassier (that’s brassier, not brassiere! Though if you do have a lighter handy, and feel so inclined…) than ever. International Women’s Day is a global event, with various pro-femme festivals taking place the country-over. Londoners will want to get down to the Women of the World commemoration at Hull City Hall, celebrating the achievements of women as well discussing the hurdles that hold them back, while Brighton Dome will be hosting a number of inspiring speakers, including Bridget Christie and Germaine Greer.


women uniting for gender equality on international women's day


April – Mandatory Pay Gap Reporting


Coinciding with Equal Pay Day – the date symbolising how far into the new year women must work in order to match what men earned during the previous one – it’s likely that a regulation will pass in April meaning employers with more than 250 members of staff must publish figures on the average gender pay gap. An incredibly important step if we’re ever gonna’ smash that goddam glass ceiling!


mind the income gap graffiti artwork for women's march


Show your allegiance 24/7


Can’t find the words? Say it out loud with a graphic top, whether it’s our ‘Kiss My Patch’ Tee or ‘Girl Gang’ Slogan Hoodie. A fashion-cum-political statement, keep the message going around-the-clock!


girl wearing nobody's child girl gang slogan hoodie for women's marchGirl Gang Slogan Hoodie – £20


Let us know what you’re doing to keep the momentum going following the Women’s March last month. And if you DO end up wearing one of our slogan tops to any of the parades or festivals above, be sure to shoot us a shot using #NCrowd – we’re in this together, remember!


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