Your Wedding-Guest Style Guide; The ‘I Dos’ & the ‘I Don’ts’

Your Wedding-Guest Style Guide; The ‘I Dos’ & the ‘I Don’ts’


When it comes to picking the perfect wedding-guest outfit, there’s a minefield of dos and don’ts to consider. One wobbly-heeled misstep, and you can expect a fiery encounter with none other than bridezilla, herself. Do you wear your most eye-catching floral slip dress, at the risk of out-doing bride-to-be? Or do you tone it down to the point that you don’t look like you’ve made enough of an effort? Is it ok to wear black? And what about white? Like we said, it’s a goddam minefield out there.


…which is precisely why we’ve put together this definitive guide on wedding-guest style. Follow these 7 tips and you can count on a drama-free day, outfit wise anyway. Can’t help you as far as that bottomless jug of cucumber-bobbing Pimm’s is concerned… soz.


1. You don’t have to wear a dress


While denim’s a definite no-no, that’s not to say you’ve got to wear a dress. Heels and a jumpsuit, for example, can look just as formal if not a little more… how can we put it? This season. And if it’s a particularly hot day, then why not free the midriff in a top and skirt co-ord combo. Yes, it’s a little out there, but nothing a pair of heels and the perfect clutch can’t fix. And besides, this way you definitely won’t turn up in the same floral maxi as Aunt Jane. #Cringe


Wedding guest wearing nobody's child pink satin jumpsuit to weddingPink Crinkle Satin Wide Leg Jumpsuit – £25


2. Do wear heels you can actually walk in


It doesn’t matter how fancy-ass your threads are, if you’re wobbling side-to-side like one of those inflatable tube men, then that’s an instant fail. No ifs, no buts. Same goes if you’re one of those girls who slip their heels off seconds after arriving and spend the day stomping here-to-there barefoot. Or worse yet, in flip-flops.


Wedding guest wearing orange platform heels to wedding


3. Do take note of the dress code


Not only will you feel like a total loser turning up in a slinky cocktail dress, when the rest of the guests are wearing ball gowns, but you’ll also face the wrath of Miss Just-Married. Best case scenario, she ghosts you. Worse case? She acts totally aloof, laughing it off, only… there’s nothing behind the eyes. Revenge is a given. But will it be today, tomorrow, or some time years from now? Just ask about the dress code, will ya!


Wedding guest wearing nobody's child mix print floral slip dress to weddingCream Mixed Print Slip Dress – £30


4. Do NOT wear white


See scenario above. Times it by ten. And then another ten. Annnnnd then another ten.


Wedding guest wearing white bardot dress to wedding


5. But black’s fine. Sort of.


Dress top-to-toe in black and yeah, you can expect a look or two… possibly even the odd ‘Wednesday Addams’ comment. But that’s not to say your fail-safe LBD’s gotta go back in the drobe. Instead, add a pop of colour here and there. Sherbet yellow heels, say? Or a pastel-pink choker, perhaps?


Wedding guest wearing nobody's child black floral to weddingBlack Floral Midi Slip Dress – £30


6. At the same time, don’t overdo the accessories


Yes, it might be a wedding but that doesn’t give you carte blanche to start throwing on the accessories like a game of buckaroo. Hat, clutch, shawl, shades… hand-tied floral corsage?! Instead, pick one (two if you absolutely must!) hero add-on, as long – and we can’t stress this enough – it doesn’t clash with your outfit. If your tie-front midi dress doesn’t call for a hat… well, you know the rest.


wedding guest wearing lace accessories to wedding


7. Do find out what the bridesmaids are wearing!


So you weren’t picked as one of the fab-four. Worse things happen. Namely, wearing a similar (if not, the very same!) dress as them by mistake. Accident or not, you’ll feel incredibly awkward all day, especially when you’re forced to politely tell the photographer that actually, no, you’re not needed for that group shot.


wedding guest wearing nobody's child nude satin dress to weddingNude Satin Frill Hem Dress – £28


Any top wedding-guest style tips? Let us know in the comments below, before checking out the most iconic movie wedding moments of all time. As for those yet to find that party-perfect style – whether it’s a floral ruffle playsuit or wide leg cami jumpsuit – you’re cordially invited to shop our summer-ready occasion wear edit!


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