Quiz: Which type of wedding guest are you?

Quiz: Which type of wedding guest are you?


We all get to that age when everyone – and we mean EVERYONE – around us seems to be getting married. And while it’s just another of life’s milestones, we say enjoy it while you can! Weddings are among the best parties going – free booze, free food, a chance to dress up….did we mention free booze? And head’s up – it’s a last hurrah before life’s next big stage… Can you hear that noise? It’s a baby crying.


But what sort of wedding guest are you? Take our quiz below, record your answers as you go, and then consult the chart at the end:


1. What time do you get up on the big day?
a) 0500 hours.
b) 7 o’clock. Quick yoga sesh’ and then ready for my hairstylist at 8.
c) I’ve been up since 4. Too excited to sleep!
d) Get up!? I didn’t go to bed…
e) 6 o’clock. I need plenty of time to shoot my outfit before I go.


2. The bride and groom are about to say their vows, while you’re…
a) Busy making sure the ring bearers have the rings, that the groom’s not about to faint, and that the pink-dyed doves are ready to take flight on cue.
b) Yawning over the constant cooing of those doves. Doves are so last year.
c) Dabbing the so-called ‘waterproof’ mascara from my eyes.
d) Looking at my watch.
e) Facing the other way, lips pursed, arm outstretched, front-facing camera on.


3. How would you describe the bride’s wedding dress?
a) Trailing on the floor!! *immediately stoops to pick it up*
b) Vanilla.
c) Beautiful, even through the blur of my tears, and the stinging of my mascara.
d) Worth toasting. Where’s the bolly?
e) You mean, once I’ve filtered it, added a little contrast, a little sharpness…


4. The newlyweds are leaving the church, arm-in-arm, while you’re….
a) Holding an umbrella in one hand, ringing the caterers in the other hand, and shooing a pink dove with my third hand. Wait, what third hand!?
b) Explaining in minute detail the way in which I’ll be leaving the cathedral (yes, cathedral) at my own wedding in just over a month’s time
c) Gasping for air. It’s just so *sob* beautiful.
d) Racing on ahead to the reception.
e) In-between the couple, selfie stick outstretched in front.


5. The father-of-the-bride is giving his speech. You’d describe it as…
a) Wait!? Is he loud enough…? I don’t think he’s loud enough!?!?
b) No way near as funny as the one I’ve written, I mean, the one my father’s written for me…not that I know…um…
c) Perfect in every *sob* single *blows nose* way.
d) *hic*
e) Snapchat gold.


6. What are you drinking?
a) Coffee. Strong coffee.
b) Champagne, or so I’m told…though I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s actually prosecco.
c) The atmosphere!
d) What are you pouring??
e) I don’t know…but the pinky hue really works with my feed.


7. What gets you onto the dancefloor?
a) A broken glass. Everyone out of the way!! *starts sweeping*
b) My fiancée. Time to put those dance lessons to use.
c) Adele.
d) 5 tequila’s…and the best man.
e) The wooden floorboards. They’re perfect for a shoe shot! #FromWhereIStand


8. It’s 12pm, and you’re….
a) Collecting the glasses, tidying up the food, sweeping the floor…
b) Home. And making a view quick alterations to my own wedding plans.
c) Telling the happy couple what a perfect couple they are. Again.
d) Going from table to table. There must be another bottle of rosé somewhere!?
e) Marvelling at my snapchat story. I should be a photographer.


Mostly A’s:

You’re The Chief Bridesmaid aka The Flapper. You were appointed with a mission, and people had better not get in your way!


girl wearing nobody's child black bodycon dress at weddingBlack Bodycon Dress – £18


Recommended outfit – Black Bodycon Midi Dress. A timeless classic, its fuss-free shape and no-nonsense style means you can get on with the job at hand.


Mostly B’s:

You’re The Next in Line. Your own weddings just over a month away, not that it’s a competition. But if it was, you’d destroy them. You’d destroy them all!


girl wearing nobody's child white floral bardot dress at weddingWhite Floral Pencil Dress – £30


Recommended outfit – Bardot Pencil Dress. While you’d never dream of wearing white to someone else’s wedding, its water colour blossoms are the perfect exception-to-the-rule.


Mostly C’s:

You’re The Over-emotional Friend, and just happen to LOVE weddings. From the vows, to the cake, to the first dance….*flaps hands* “Here I go again…!”


girl wearing nobody's child floral top and skirt co-ord at weddingFloral Top and Skirt Co-ord – £18 & £25


Recommended outfit – The Jacquard Top and Skirt Co-ord combo. Not only beautifully elegant, with it’s semi-pleated structuring and flute-like shape, but no one will see your streams of mascara amidst the black floral pattern.


Mostly D’s:

You’re The Freeloader, and while you sort of know the bride and groom, it was the words ‘open bar’ that truly sealed the deal.


girl wearing nobody's child nude bodycon dress at weddingNude Bodycon Dress – £30


Recommended outfit – Halter Neck Bodycon Dress, cos’ you love getting in the nude.


Mostly E’s:

You’re The Instagrammer, and as far as you’re concerned, if it’s not on social, then it didn’t happen.


girl wearing nobody's child black floral skater dress at weddingBlack Bardot Skater Dress – £30


Recommended outfit – Bardot Skater Dress. The colours work perfectly with your current Instagram colour scheme and the off-the-shoulder neckline is a dream when it comes to selfies.


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