Essential Tips for Your Annual Wardrobe Detox

Essential Tips for Your Annual Wardrobe Detox


Hygge? Old news, we’re afraid. This year, the Scandi buzzword on everyone’s lips is lagom; which, if you read last week’s article, you’ll already know is a Swedish custom all about finding balance in life. Not too much, not too little (great news for anyone who decided to go teetotal for New Year!). With that in mind, what could be more balancing than sorting out your wardrobe in prep for what’s to come! No seriously, you’ll want to clear some space…


We share nine top tips for getting your wardrobe tip-top.


1. Put time aside


Clearing out your wardrobe is a mammoth task, but 100% worth it. Not only will you probably re-discover pieces you forgot you had (fyi that slogan tee from 2010 is totally in again!), but a more organised rail means you’re less likely to circulate those same three grey jumpers, again and again… and again. Dedicate some serious time to it, and do it right.


2. Take everything out


First things first; take EVERYthing out. Yes, everything, and throw it on the bed. Now take a systematic approach to each item. ‘Have I worn this in the last six months? Does it still fit me? Do I still like it?’


girl laying clothes out in annual wardrobe clear out


3. Grab a friend (an honest one)


Let’s face it; the annual wardrobe clean-out is a pretty tedious task, so grab your BFF, order in a pizza and pop open a bottle of wine. You’ll appreciate the company, plus a second (and arguable more honest opinion) might make you look twice at those tasselled cow-girl flares you’ve been holding onto. You know the ones.


4. Invest in hangers


As with anything, preparation is key. Invest in a few packets of hangers for your hero pieces, whether it’s that Saturday night shimmer tee-dress, or your new fave frill shirt. Your clothes will be less creased, they’ll be easier to look through, plus you’ll free up enough room for at least another three grey jumpers!


5. Be ruthless, but not too ruthless


Five pairs of culottes and eight black mini skirts? Fine, if those are your go-to’s. If not, then it’s time to say byeee to at least all-but-two of them. That said, don’t make the mistake of getting rid of something purely for the sake of clearing space. You might not regret it today, but six months down the line when the perfect occasion calls, don’t come crying to us. Ok, do – we have biscuits : )


6. Categorise your clothes into four sections


Keep, sell, mend, donate (…marry, avoid). Separate everything into these four categories. If your unwanted pieces are still in good condition, then sites like eBay and Depop can be great earners (& what better away to reward your hard efforts!). Failing that, your little sis/cousin/friend-of-the-family will absolutely worship the ground you walk on when you give her that black bag full of clothes.


7. Colour coordinate


Yes, it might sound like something your mum would do, but that’s because it absolutely works. By colour coordinating your wardrobe, you’ll be able to find the perfect black top to slip under your cami in seconds flat, and shave enough time off your morning routine for at least one extra hit of the snooze button. #winning


8. Create a winter/summer rotation


Again, this is a bit of a mum-move, but by storing away some of your more seasonal pieces (such as those heavy winter knits), you’ll clear a load of space in the drobe and won’t have to battle through pointless piece-after-piece in search of that floaty smock top.


9. Keep on top of it


We know what it’s like. You get home from back-to-back lectures and all you want to do is sling that shirt in the drawer and throw on your hoodie. But hold up. Two weeks down the line and all your hardwork will be undone, for the sake of what; the ten seconds it takes to hang that shirt up and replace it to the correct colour section? C’mon, you’re better than that.


Let us know in the comments below how your 2017 wardrobe sort-out goes. In fact, why not tweet us a pic using #NobodysChild. And if you do end up making a bit of dolla on the ol’ eBay, you know where to go. Clue: it begins with ‘new’ and ends with ‘in’.


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