First Date on Valentine’s Day? Here’s How to Ace it…

First Date on Valentine’s Day? Here’s How to Ace it…


The most romantic night of the year, or a cold-blooded marketing gimmick to up-sell after Christmas? However you look on Valentine’s Day, sometimes there’s just no escaping Cupid’s arrow… or the temptation to quickly flick through another ten Tinder profiles before bed. Left, left, left, oooooh RIGHT! So if that first date’s looming and the nerves are setting in, relax, the #NCrowd’s got your back. I mean, when do we not ; )


We chat to three of our fave on their top tips for nailing date no. 1.


Style blogger, Sophia Rosemary, on ‘before the date’…


NC – What’s the best way to calm those first date nerves?

Sophia – Get ready whilst listening to your favourite album, the one that puts you in a happy place – I’d pick Rumours by Fleetwood Mac… and then I’d pour myself a gin and tonic. Haha


NC – What should you wear?

Sophia – Totally depends on the date but I think relaxed and classic is best. Never too over-dressed – you’re not going to relax if you don’t feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. Wear what makes you feel good.

NC – How much research (IOW, Facebook stalking) should you do about your date beforehand… if any?

Sophia – Haha, well I met my boyfriend at his own gig so I guess that makes me sound like a stalker to begin with. Regardless… I’d say a little light stalking is acceptable, but if you end up on his cousin’s, best friend’s, younger brother’s, dog’s profile you know you’ve gone too far!

NC – Assuming you met on online, what if they don’t look like their profile picture?

Sophia – Oh Gaaad, I’ve never internet-dated but I can imagine if I had then this is a major problem. I’d say still try and have a good time, laugh and maybe ask them what filter they use.


sophia rosemary wearing nobody's child floral midi dress during first date on valentine's day


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Model, Grace Hodge, on ‘during the date’…


NC – Should you drink alcohol?

Grace– If you drink I’d say of course. It’ll relax those first date nerves and most would say confidence is a huge turn on!

NC – What if the conversation starts running dry?

Grace – Crack a joke. Even if it’s cringy it’ll make you both laugh, take the heat off the moment and they’ll appreciate your effort.

NC – Are there any big conversation no-no’s?

Grace – Don’t talk about your exes and don’t ask them about theirs. There is nothing worse than to find yourselves comparing each other to the ones who got away.


NC – What’s a believable escape plan in case it’s a complete disaster?

Grace – Say you’ve been invited to a friend’s impromptu flat warming party. Of course you want to look in demand and leave them wanting more, even if you don’t!


grace hodge wearing nobody's child floral slip dress during first date on valentine's day


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Instagrammer, Starr Clare, on ‘after the date’…


NC – How do you say goodnight?

Starr – With a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

NC – Are there any tell-tale signs to look out for to know if they like you?

Starr – I think it’s easy to tell when someone is interested in you by the way that they listen, their posture and their eyes. It’s all in the eyes…

NC –  How long should you wait before adding them on social?

Starr – I would say the first or second date, keen bean! (I probably would have stalked his social media already haha)

NC – What’s the rule on dating other people between now and the next date?

Starr – In my opinion I don’t think you should date multiple people at the same time. I think we should end any contact with previous dates before going on a new date, but maybe I’m just a bit old fashioned?!


starr clare wearing nobody's child velvet cami during first date on valentine's day


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