Trend Report – Why NOW’S the ideal time to dive back into Grunge

Trend Report – Why NOW’S the ideal time to dive back into Grunge


Luxe fabrics, elegant shapes and an attention to decadent detail; it’s fair to AW16’s been pretty damn dramatic so far. Take the tie-front pyjama blouse, for instance, finished in bed-sheet-worthy satin. Or the lace-panelled bodysuit that wouldn’t look amiss on a Victorian heroine. And then of course, there’s the velvet skater dress,  oozing with goth-infused glamour. This preference for max-impact has totally dominated the style agenda, but as with anything that reaches a peak, it’s now time for the backlash; a rebellion’s been rising, and it’s ready to strike!


girl in nineties grunge fashion wearing grey check flannel shirtGrey Check Flannel Shirt – £20


Once again, we’ve got the 90s to thank for this pending style shift. Over the last year or so, the fash-pack’s had the luxury of cherry-picking from the decade’s more successful trends – bodysuits, mom jeans, platform heels, choker necklaces – and likewise, sidestepping the ones that time’s been less kind to (three words: butterfly hair clips… for now , at any rate). So when it came to finding an alternative to this season’s more lavish offerings, the answer was already waiting in the wings. In fact, close your eyes, inhale, and you can almost smell the teen spirit. Yes, grunge is back.


girl in nineties grunge fashion wearing pink velvet cami topPink Velvet Peplum Cami – £16


girl in nineties grunge fashion wearing black satin cami topBlack Satin Button Cami – £18


Often referred to as ‘anti-fashion’, the movement looks to subvert the rulebook by taking an anything-goes approach to the wardrobe. Think raw edged denim, waist-wrapped flannel shirts, and say-it-out-loud slogan tees, but mixed-and-matched with AW16’s more extravagant pieces. And that’s why it’s so perfect for now; the more extreme and conflicting the pairing? The more effective the outcome. So when it comes to styling your slip dress, throw the heels back in the drawer! Instead, fish out your fishnets, blow the dust off your Doc M’s, and throw a varsity jacket overtop. Yes, it’s a bit of mish-mash, but that’s the idea.


girl in nineties grunge fashion wearing knitted varsity bomber jacketGrey Knitted Varsity Jacket – £35


Has fashion taken itself too seriously this season? While some will have relished the lashings of lace, satin and velvet, others will have longed for something a little more free-spirited. And thanks to grunge’s timely return, the fashion gods have heard your prayers. Grunge-glam or goth-glitz, it’s simply a case of styling. But which side of the coin gets your vote? Let us know in the comment box below, or better yet, tag us in a shot using #NCrowd over on Instagram.


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