Trend Report: Sport meets Street with ‘Athleisure’

Trend Report: Sport meets Street with ‘Athleisure’


Summer 2014, and sportsluxe was all the trend; clean lines, sharp tailoring, monochrome colourways, it was uber futuristic, if not a little uncomfortable. Heels and a pair of leggings? Sure, but following a 45 minute spin class and those stilettos were staying firmly in the tote. So thank god for Athleisure – the new buzzword as far as fit fashion’s concerned, blending athleticism with, well, leisure, and it’s about to take over.


girl wearing athleisure trend in nobody's child grey hoodie

Light Grey Stripe Hoodie – £20


Slipping activewear a chill pill, Athleisure not only takes things off-duty, but does so around-the-clock. It’s more than sportswear. It’s a state of mind, and feeds into today’s on-the-go, 24/7, lifestyle, where combi-trends and time-shavers are not only a luxury, but a necessity. The salad became the superfood salad. The smoothie became the NutriBullet. The ever-reliable packet of digestives on the desk, now come in the form of a plastic sandwich bag, and instead of biscuits, contains goji-berry and flaxseed protein balls. Not even our beloved coffee’s been spared, what with last year’s bulletproof trend seeking to replace milk for butter in order to create a metabolic monster of a beverage. These pop-practises seek to make life easier by squeezing multiple needs into one, and naturally, fashion was next.


girl wearing athleisure trend in nobody's child khaki satin bomber jacket

Khaki Satin Bomber Jacket – £28


girl wearing athleisure trend in nobody's child navy satin bomber jacket

Navy Satin Bomber Jacket – £28


For 9-5 city girls, who rarely get out of the office before 7, at which time it’s off to the gym, home to walk the dog, and gone 9 o’clock before they can sit down – salad on their lap – for an hour or two of Netflix – no chill – comfort’s a prerogative. But comfort comes at the cost of style, right?? Wrong, and you have Athleisure to thank for that. Arriving on the back of the current catwalk shift to oversized tailoring, this latest iteration of sportswear does away with streamline silhouettes in favour of a more effortless, street-inspired cool.


girl wearing athleisure trend in nobody's child navy tapered joggers

Charcoal Side Print Joggers – £20


Think raw hemmed hoodies that slip just as easily over a crop top, as they do over a work shirt, or tapered joggers with racer stripe detail, for barre-to-bar wear. The boyfriend bomber becomes the BFF bomber as super-casj shapes meet luxe-satin textures to create a jacket that looks as fash-forward as it is ultra-comfy. And then there’s the bodysuit – a baselayer miracle worker – which seems to pair perfectly with all manner of bottoms, whether it’s skinny jeans by day, a miniskirt by night, or trackies at the gym.


girl wearing athleisure trend in nobody's child grey tapered joggers

Light Grey Sports Trim Joggers – £18


In a world of lifestyle hacks and crossovers, where every second counts, it makes sense that your wardrobe should be as multifunctional and hardwearing as possible. We, for one, are heralding the arrival of the Athleisure trend – a most-welcome deviation from the ‘fashion hurts’ mantra – and here’s hoping it sticks around for at least as long as the trainer renaissance. So stay tuned later this week, as we take to the dance studio with ballet teacher, Grace Goodier, who puts the capsule collection through its paces.


girl wearing athleisure trend in nobody's child navy hoodie

Charcoal Print Hoodie – £20


What do you make of the Athleisure trend? Is the blurring of styles a godsend as far as the morning ritual’s concerned, or is it making us lazier with our outfit choices? Are joggers an inappropriate choice for the office, or is about time we did away with the whole heels-and-a-miniskirt regime? As always, have your say in the comment box below…


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