5 Things You’ll A-c-t-u-a-l-l-y Want To Do Over Spring Break

5 Things You’ll A-c-t-u-a-l-l-y Want To Do Over Spring Break


If your study sessions are looking a little like this stream of gifs, and you desperately need a break from the books, we’ve pulled together some of the most happenin’ (and yes, that’s happenin’ with an apostrophe instead of a ‘g’… you know, for added cool) goings on in London over spring break. The weather’s getting warmer, evenings are getting longer, and let’s face it, none of us are getting any younger. So let’s carpe diem the #$%* out of the capital this Easter… once you’ve polished off your dissy on neoclassical romanticism, of course.


For the Activist:


Imagine – Unification Flash Mob


When – Saturday 8th April
Where – a secret location, disclosed on the day

Right, listen closely: by sending an email titled IMAGINE to info@reflexdancestudios.com, you’ll receive top-secret coordinates to the group’s next flash mod dance, taking place at 2pm this Saturday. Participants are encouraged to dress in the colours of their national flag to celebrate the importance of acceptance and freedom, in the wake of what’s been a pretty ropey year so far. And no, previous dance experience isn’t necessary… though don’t be surprised if you’re positioned somewhere towards the back.


girl at the imagine flash dance in london over easter spring break


For the Instagrammer:


Rolled-up Stir-Fried Ice-cream at Pan-n-Ice


When – Every day from 11am to 9pm
Where –Westfield Shopping Centre, Stratford

Serve up a scoop of insta-worthy goodness with Pan-n-Ice’s rolled up stir-fry ice-cream. The sub-zero delicacy’s been a mainstay on the Thailand street food scene for years, but this is the first time it’s come to London. Flavours include chocolate cheesecake, Ferrero Rocher, and salted caramel, while rumour has it that founders, Rob Huysinga and Henry Milroy, will serenade you with song while you wait. No wonder everyone’s losing their… ahem… cool.


girl eating stir fried rolled up ice cream in london over easter spring break


For the Gamer:


London Games Festival


When – From 4th – 9th Aril
Where – various venues

Swap one screen for another by popping down to the London Games Festival. Taking place over ten days at thirty different venues, blow your mind with talks on the world-changing future of virtual reality, OD on nostalgia at the retro gaming market, or get ahead of the curve with more sneak-peaks than you can shake a Wii controller at! And if you’re up for it, why not don a red sweat and a pair of dungarees (fake moustache optional) and get yourself down to the Games Character Parade, kicking off at 1:30pm this Saturday at the Guildhall Yard.


arcade machines at the london games festival over easter spring break


For the Feminist/Strong of Stomach:




When – from Friday 7th April
Where – most cinemas

Sink your teeth into a slice of French Arthouse Cinema, with the critically acclaimed Raw. When it screened at the Toronto Film Festival last year, audiences were allegedly provided with sick bags, while several viewers are said to have fainted. Following a young ‘vegetarian’ girl through her first week at veterinary school, director Julia Ducourno has dismissed gore-fest claims, instead suggesting the film addresses issues of body image, feminism, rites of passage, and… um, cannibalism.


Garance marillier in french arthouse film raw playing over easter spring break


For the Raver:


GlowyMcGlow – Adult Ball Pit Party


When – various dates from April – May
Where – Dalston

Forget zorbing, skydiving or bungee jumping. When it comes to a true adrenaline rush, there’s nothing quite like that multi-coloured ball pit your mum took you to as a toddler. That liberating sense of exhilaration as you dived in, and heard the plastic globes crash around you… There’s nothing quite like it, which is why organisers, BallieBallerson, have set up GlowyMcGlow; a run of adult ball pit/rave nights throughout April. Imagine your usual underground nightclub, only about 250,000 x better. Cos that’s how many balls there are.


girls at glowymcglow adult ball pit in london over easter spring break


Whatever you end up doing over Spring Break, make sure your wardrobe’s up to the challenge. So get on over to New-In pronto, where we’re talking field-friendly floral dresses, wear-everywhere slogan sweats, and a faux leather rucksack for all your day-trip essentials!


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