The Trend Report – ‘Stripe Hype!’

The Trend Report – ‘Stripe Hype!’


As you’ve no doubt noticed, the stripe trend is back with a vengeance, and despite the somewhat simple nature of this pattern (quite literally parallel lines, arranged either vertically, horizontally, or if you’re feeling particularly extravagant, diagonally), it’s come and gone throughout history. So what is it about this minimalistic arrangement of shape that has captivated the hearts (and wardrobes!) of fashionistas from generation to generation?


With humble roots upon the backs of prisoners, stripes were long recognised as a pattern reserved for the condemned. In fact, this tradition can still be observed today in the form of your classic cartoon thief (think McDonald’s Hamburglar), who is still depicted in a black and white striped ensemble, swag bag over shoulder.
It wasn’t until the mid 1800s, when the French Navy men were issued with a blue and white uniform, complete with 21 stripes (each representing one of Napoleon’s victories), when the tides (see what we did there?) began to change. Cue, the Breton shirt.


girls wearing stripe fashion trend in the twenties


Skip forward to the early nineteenth century, and fashion legend, Coco Chanel, takes a trip to the French Riviera. While there, her astute eye for style falls upon the resident sailors’ uniform, and just like that, the nautical look is born. Initially reserved to a more formal aesthetic, in the form of highly tailored day frocks, it’s no surprise that with the dawning of the free spirited sixties, the stripe was suddenly adopted by a more radical individual. Pop art prince, Andy Warhol, famously paraded a monochrome outfit, whereby his black and white striped t-shirt was emphasised by an otherwise colourless getup, as did other icons of the era, including his muse Edie Sedgwick, pop sensation, Twiggy, and the much beloved Brigitte Bardot.




Cut to today, and stripes no longer possess an allegiance to any particular genre of style, be it street or chic, high fashion or fast fashion. They’ve been embraced by fashionistas nationwide, who are quite literally making a beeline for the retro inspired design. To revisit the previously mentioned Brigitte Bardot, we’ve modernised her classic ‘off the shoulder’ style with our range of seasonally striped Bardot Tops. This style beautifully frames the upper half, and looks great with a denim skirt and canvas trainers for a cute nautical vibe.


girl wearing nobody's child stripe bardot topStripe Bardot Top – £14


For a more nineties inspired look, our monochrome racer-back tanks are not only incredibly comfortable, thanks to the stretchy ribbed construction, but look great with skinny jeans for a sleek sporty silhouette. For an even starker profile, opt for one of our figure-hugging body suits, and pair it with a mini skirt as a directional alternative to your Saturday night LBD.


girl wearing nobody's child stripe bodysuitStripe Bodysuit – £14


If you’re looking to channel this year’s obsession with soft shapes and laidback styling, our navy and cream stripe midi dress provides fluid movement with every step, thanks to a generous side split and lightweight construction. Likewise, our strappy cami top and off-the-shoulder bardot dress both billow beautifully, and are a great way to introduce stripes to your SS16 staples.


girl wearing nobody's child navy and white stripe bardot dressStripe Bardot Dress- £20


You can find our full Spring/Summer Stripe line-up here, or for more trend reports, check out our style guide on all things floral fashion!


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