Our Christmas ‘Fashion Blogger’ Photoshoot

Our Christmas ‘Fashion Blogger’ Photoshoot


Last night, we released the first pic from our very special ‘fashion blogger’ photoshoot across our social channels, so today we thought we’d give you a bit of a back-story to go with it….


We wanted to do something a little different for our Christmas social campaign, as, well, it is Christmas after all, and so we made the decision to break away from the relatively glossy image we’ve gone with so far. Instead of a photography studio, we hit the streets of London. Instead of models, we used fashion bloggers. And instead of carefully set up shots, we tried to capture something completely natural.


fashion blogger in red roll neck top


Introducing fashion bloggers, Seema and Fifi


The fashion bloggers we chose for the shoot – Seema Kukadia and Fifi Newbery – were personally contacted for having shown us some amazing support since our launch in October, and this was our way of basically saying ‘thanks a bunch, guys!’ So last Tuesday, we met ten o’clock sharp at the Nobody’s Child HQ near Oxford St, for hair & makeup (but more importantly, coffee and croissants) and then the girls were taken to our showroom to pick their own outfits for the shoot from our winter clothing collection…


fashion blogger wearing nobody's child grey marl sweatAlways Late Sweat – £15


Fifi opted for a pair of wide leg trousers, into which she tucked a striped roll neck top, while Seema wore our checked pinafore dress. Though of course, seeing as it was approximately minus 33 degrees outside (slight exaggeration, but you get he idea), chunky knits and boyfriend coats quickly made an appearance!


fashion bloggers in nobody's child grey oversized sweats


The fashion shoot


Once ready, we travelled to the beautifully festive Covent Garden, which this year has been adorned with a whopping 40 mistletoe chandeliers, 700 glistening berries and 100,000 pealights (don’t worry, we didn’t count them!), accompanied by über cool street fashion photographers Hill & Aubrey (or was it Aubrey and Hill??), and basically just played it by ear. A mulled wine here, a hot dog there, that sort of thing… And once we’d sufficiently outstayed our welcome, having got in the way of enough people, we had a quick outfit change – Fifi slipped into an oversized sweat, and Seema into a black and white jersey top and jeans – and then it was onto the Southbank centre.


fashion blogger wearing nobody's child black and white stripe top


Another stunning area of London, what with the beautifully illuminated Millennium Eye looking down on all, we literally could have stood anywhere and it would have looked ridiculously Christmassy. As it was, the inner child in each of us just couldn’t resist the lure of the merry-go-round, so it was all aboard…camera equipment and everything!


fashion bloggers on carousel in nobody's child boyfriend coats


Needless to say, the day was an absolute success (huge SO to everyone involved!), so keep your eyes peeled for more shots hitting social very soon. And if you fancy yourself as a bit of a fashion and style instagrammer, blogger, or even a photographer, and fancy helping out on our next clothing campaign, then grab our attention on Instagram and show us your style edit using #NCpose.


  1. Gaby Giles


    I just discovered nobody’s child through Instagram and I am in love!

    As a student with a low budget, I’m so glad to have finally found a brand that is affordable, but also creating beautiful pieces ethically.

    I would be honoured to work with you on your next photoshoot, either in front of or behind the camera.

    Do you offer any summer internship opportunities? Please, please let me know! It would be a dream come true to work with your brand!


    Instagram: gabyfcn

    • Nobody's Child

      Hi Gaby, thanks every so much for your lovely comments! We’ll have plenty of opportunities for bloggers and the like to get involved come 2016, so watch this space… In the meantime, have an amazing Christmas and New Year! x


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