The Make-up Trend You Need to Perfect RN

The Make-up Trend You Need to Perfect RN

Stuck in a make-up rut, or afraid to try something new? We feel ya. Make like an NC model and try The Colour Bomb look, straight from our hot-off-the-press Christmas campaign.


It probably won’t be your boyf’s fave look, but we think this one’s worth a whirl (erm, party season anyone?). Make like an extra from ‘90s teen TV series The Tribe and channel the post-apocalyptic take on highlighting.

London-based make-up artist Irena Rogers explains how to get your colour bomb on this party season…


“Use very pigmented eye shadows in three different shades of the same (or similar) colour. I went for neon pink and lilac to create a slightly futuristic look for the Nobody’s Child Christmas Campaign.

“Dab the darkest colour in the middle of the outer corner of the eye, then blend it outwards towards the cheekbones. Use a blending brush when adding lighter shades, brushing and sweeping it back and forth to blend away harsh lines. For a more dramatic look, keep applying the darkest shade in the centre.”

And Irena’s top tip? “Keep the skin looking flawless but never overdone.”


On the subject of overdone, WARNING… if done badly, the colour bomb can look like horribly posh blush (image search Enid Blyton’s Famous Five, we dare ya). So if at first you don’t succeed, try something else!

Our minimum-faff alternative is our current obsession… simply pick your fave bright colour and line your lashes to make them pop, voila. It’s perfect for when you want to keep your look minimal but need to look fire.

Trying the look at home? Whether you look babin’ in the colour bomb or it turns into an epic fail, we want to hear about it in the comments box below! Good luck NC-ers.

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