The 7 Girl Squads We Wish We Were In!

The 7 Girl Squads We Wish We Were In!


Group, gang, band, troop, clique, crew or even squad, however you refer to you and your associates, one thing’s for certain, sisters are doing it for themselves like never before. But while the likes of Kendall and co have revived the girl gang, there have been some absolute killer collectives in the past. In fact, we’ve cast our minds back along the history of pop culture and compiled below our seven absolute favourites – or rather, the ones we really really wish we’d been in!


1) The Pink Ladies



WHO – One of the first girl gangs to grace (or should that be grease) the silver screen, the Pink Ladies were the female equivalent to John Travolta’s T-Birds, spending less time under car bonnets, and more time in hair rollers.


SQUAD SPECIALITY – Their pink jackets, obvs. Finished in a shiny satin material, with their moniker embroidered on the back, there’s no better example of a girl gang get-up than this. Channel the look with our Sports Rib Bomber Jacket, and if you’re brave enough to sprawl your gang name on the back, make sure it’s a good’un…


2) Pretty Little Liars


WHO – Four friends – Spencer, Aria, Hannah and Emily – disband after the disappearance of their clique leader, Alison, but reunite a year later after receiving mysterious messages from a figure known only as ‘A’. Though bonded by lies, the girls are mega protective over eachother, as all squads should be!


SQUAD SPECIALITY – their wardrobe, hands down. From casj-chic basics to jaw-dropping LBDs, the girls never look anything less than catwalk ready!



3) Spice Girls



WHO – a 90s five piece… Scrap that. The 90s five piece, who were not only the best selling girl band of all time, but also single-handedly brought girl power to the masses, and for that, we salute them!


SQUAD SPECIALITY – specialised gang names. From baby spice to sporty spice, what better way to unite your squad? Might want to pick your own though…

4) The ‘Bad Blood’ Squad



WHO – despite their total screen presence coming in under four minutes, that’s all Swifty and co need to establish themselves as the undisputable girl squad of today. With an all star line-up, featuring pretty much everyone who’s anyone, including Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, Jessica Alba and even Cindy Crawford, we see the girls training for battle, in preparation for a climatic face-off with rival, Selena Gomez.


SQUAD SPECIALITY – that strut. If ever you need to face off a rival squad, it can only help to turn up with a synchronised, catwalk-perfected march. It might take practise, but if you and your squad can master walking in time, it makes for one hell of an entrance!


5) The Heathers



WHO – Three high school girls, all of whom are rich, beautiful and coincidentally named Heather (hence their gang name!), hire a fourth initiate; Veronica, played by Winona Ryder in the 1988 film, Heathers. Once in, Veronica sets out on a mission to rid her school of the gang they both hate and fear, via any means possible.


SQUAD SPECIALITY – their gang name! It might mean sending out a few new friend requests on facebook, but if you can group together a gang of girls all of the same name, that’s some serious goals right there, or should we say some serious #ggg (girl gang goals!).


6) The Trio from Clueless



WHO – Another trio, but unlike the Heathers above, these three girls are loved, not feared, by their peers. Led by Cherilyn “Cher” Horowitz, she’s uses her influencer status to trick two teachers into falling in love, in the hope that their improved social lives will have a positive effect on her grades.


SQUAD SPECIALITY – an electronically systemised wardrobe, which automatically confirms how well an outfit goes together. Luckily for you though, our latest collection of co-ords have already been matched to perfection, meaning you don’t need to spend a small fortune on a similar system, yourself!


7) The Plastics


WHO – Led by queen bee, Regina George, the Plastics from cult film Mean Girls, are a trio who sit at the top of the social pecking order, thanks to their “Burn Book”; a journal filled with all manner of gossip, ready and waiting to ruin the lives of their peers and teachers.


SQUAD SPECIALITY – Pink Wednesdays, and no, it has nothing to do with BOGOF cinema tickets. One day a week, the girls coordinate their outfits in what can only be described as ultimate #squadgoals.



Which girl squads do you wish you wish you could join? Let us know in the comment box below, and if you and your BFFs fancy the idea of coordinating outfits on a night out, you might want to check our style guide to ensure you look more Kendall and Gigi, and less…Mario and Luigi!

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