Surprise the one you love this Valentine’s Day

Surprise the one you love this Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us, and whether that invokes delight or despair, there’s no running away from it. But if you really are in the latter camp, and the very thought of chocolates or red roses turns your stomach, then we might have just the solution for you…


We’ve already shared the 5 movies to watch this Valentine’s Day if you hate romcoms, but instead of completely boycotting the 14th Feb, we’re simply shifting the focus. Through the Nobody’s Child ‘Surprise the One you Love’ campaign, we want to celebrate our BFF’s and girl crushes. So like Kendall and Gigi, or Naomi and Kate, we’re putting sisters before misters, and think it’s high time we gave our bestie a little token of our appreciation.


best friends wearing nobody's child crop tops on valentine's day


This Valentine’s, our newsletter subscribers will receive a lovely surprise in their inbox, but imagine how great it would be if your best friend received one, too,  especially as our ‘new in’ section is looking fresher than ever, with monochrome racer-backs, stripe sweat dresses and colourblock raglan tees galore!


best friends wearing nobody's child bomber jacket on valentine's day


So if you’re not already registered, or if you’ve got someone in mind who could do with a treat, sign either name up here! That way, you’ll both have something to look forward to, but in the meantime, check out our style guide sharing 3 ways to coordinate with your BFF on a night out!


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