Your Ultimate Summer Festival Guide; Yes, It’s That Time!

Your Ultimate Summer Festival Guide; Yes, It’s That Time!


‘The mud, and the blood and the beer’, or so Jonny Cash sang, and while he may have been singing about a bar brawl with his daddy, it’s a pretty perfect analogy for festival season, too… or at least the UK-based ones. But with so many to choose from these days – whether it’s sun-soaked Coachella or the, well, not so sun-soaked Glastonbury – how the hell are you supposed to know which one to dedicate your time, money and an obligatory pair of sunglasses to?


Enter our definitive summer music festival guide, telling you exactly what goes down at each, who’ll be playing there, and perhaps most importantly, the sort of festival wardrobe you’ll want to pack. And if you’ve already bought your ticket? Well, there’s always next year… or eBay.




The mecca for all things snap-worthy, Coachella’s basically a real-life Instagram filter. From the never-ending skies to the sun-kissed locals, to the row upon row of palm trees, you’ll suddenly realise those dreamlike locations on Tumblr do exist.

Based deep in the Californian desert, and attracting some of the most famous (and insta-liked) faces from around the globe, the Coachella music festival’s held across two weekends every April. Offering an eclectic range of music – from electronica to hip hop, and everything in-between – the five-stage event also exhibits a selection of cutting-edge art exhibitions, all of which are… yes, you guessed it, totes snap-worthy.


nightime scene at coachella summer music festival


Who’s playing? Radiohead, Lorde, Bon Iver and super bowl half-time queen, Lady Gaga.
When is it? 14th to the 16th April, and then again 21st to the 23rd April.
What do I wear? Think April, think April showers? Yeah… this isn’t the case in Southern California. Instead, get ready to tan-up in our ditsy print tie-front top and shorts combo!


girls wearing floral top and shorts co-ords at coachella festival




Believe everything you heard; the Glastonbury festival really is that muddy. How muddy? Put it this way; twice a decade, the organisers hold what’s known as a fallow year, or in layman’s terms, a year off. And it’s basically a chance for the ground to recover. Yep, that muddy. So how the hell does it attract 175k-strong year after year?

Ok, so Somerset might not be the first place you think of when it comes to global culture, but step across the glasto-barrier, and that’s exactly what you can expect. You see, while it plays host to some of the world’s leading musical acts, that really is the tip of the mud-berg. Think Spanish-inspired tomato fights, a Celtic Festival of the Dead, and ritualistic paint throwing (no idea? Yeah, you and me both!).


crowds of people at the glastonbury summer music festival


Who’s playing? Foo Fighters, Green Day, and a certain red-headed chart-conqueror, Ed Sheeran.
When is it? 21st to the 25th June
What do I wear? Go from the flame-spouting Arcadia stage to the chilled-out Acoustic Field in one fell swoop with a graphic rock tee and ditsy mini skirt combo.


Secret Garden Party


As the founder (or, as he likes to go by, Head Gardener) states, SGP ‘isn’t a festival – it’s a party.’ And that ethos can be felt throughout the entire experience. The bad news is that this is its last ever year. The good news (there’s always good news) is that there’s still tickets available, and Head-G plans to go out with a bang!

True to its name, SGP’s based in a woodland wonderland somewhere in the heart of Cambridgeshire; DJ’s play from treehouses, while mud pools and waist-high swamps replace your traditional mosh pit. And then of course, there’s a massive ol’ lake running right through the heart of things, floating on which is one of the main stages. As for weak swimmers, well, you’re just gonna’ have to enrol at the festival’s on-site mermaid school (we kid you not).


girls at the secret garden party summer music festival


Who’s playing? Metronomy, Crystal Fighters and Ray BLK
When is it? 20th to the 23rd July
What do I wear? While a bikini should probably be your first port of call, you can totally throw our metallic mesh slip dress overtop for an instant style switch-up for evening.


confetti battle at the secret garden party music festival


Which music festivals are you heading to over summer? Whether it’s one of the above, or something else entirely, we’ve got your festi-fashion wardrobe sorted. From tie front tops to ditsy print dresses, get on over to our dedicated festival category now, or check out last year’s festival styling tips!


All non-brand imagery sourced from Tumblr and Pinterest


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