Student Style Guide – 3 Looks to ‘Master’ Uni

Student Style Guide – 3 Looks to ‘Master’ Uni


In the spirit (be it vodka, gin or that thing Jane claimed was authentic Mexican tequila) of fresher’s week coming to an end, on Wednesday we shared our 7 top student money saving tips. From conquering the washing machine to splitting your bank accounts, it was a necessary evil… like plucking your eyebrows; painful short term, but defo worth the long term gainz. And hopefully it means your financial affairs are now in order, and ready for today’s far more enticing entry; our student style guide.


Let’s face it. Students have enough to think about. You’ve flown the nest. You’re suddenly cooking (pot noodle) for yourself. You’re meeting someone new every other flippin’ second. And then there’s that little thing known as a degree to worry about. Ergo; your wardrobe’s the last thing on your mind, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to give you a helping hand. As we see it, ‘master’ the following three looks – lecture, leisure and pleasure – and you’ve got uni in the bag.


Student Look 1 – Lecture


It’s easily done – believe us – but turn up five minutes late to that lecture, and suddenly you’ve got an entire amphitheatre of students scrutinising your less-than-punctual entrance. A killer get-up’s your only option, and we’ve just the thing up our red, blue and yellow striped sleeve…


Roll neck top, an a-line mini skirt and a pair of zip-up ankle boots – Clueless eat your heart out. Now simply throw a cute little satchel over shoulder, position a book under arm, and keep your topknot in place with some horn-rimmed, tortoise shell spectacles. Geek-chic…on fleek!


stripy roll neck tee and mini skirt university student style outfit Stripy Roll Neck Top – £14


Student Look 2 – Leisure


Word of advice; do not buy that university hoodie. Repeat; do NOT buy that university hoodie. Not only does everyone already know which university you go to (clue: it’s the same one they all go to!) …but the day you rock up to the student union, and absent-mindedly sit next to Fred, who just so happens to be wearing the exact same fluorescent green, oversized university hoodie, is the day you become a viral fashion faux pas. Never good.

Instead, it’s time to get your layering game down pat. Floral cami over a plain white tee? Totes casj. Totes on trend. Style it down with a pair of mom jeans, and then slip on your fave sneaks. Done.


floral cami and white tee university student style outfit Black Floral Cami – £16


Student Look 3 – Pleasure


AW16 is all about the velvet. And is it any wonder? It’s ludicrously soft against the skin, can be filtered to absolute #ootd perfection on Instagram, and gives any style, whether it’s a cami, dress or bodysuit, an instant luxury edge. IOW, it’s time to introduce velvet, and lot’s of it, to the going-out rail!

Frat party coming up? Our Rose Print Velvet Playsuit and black Bomber Jacket are ALL you need for that celeb-worthy entrance. Add a dusting of shadow to the lids, and opt for peep-toe mules for that so-now finish.


Velvet floral jumpsuit and bomber jacket university student style outfit Velvet Floral Jumpsuit – £28


Got any student style tips yourself? Jot them down in the comment box below, and if you are wearing NC to any upcoming fresher events, share your look over on Instagram using #NCstyle.


Non-brand images sourced from Pinterest and Tumblr



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