Earlier this month, we travelled to North London for the first of our #GirlCrush photoshoots. Part and parcel of everything we're doing for the foreseeable future, this is our way of celebrating ‘girlkind’, and we couldn’t think of anyone better than Gemma Styles to launch it! But for someone as individual as her, we weren't going to get away with the standard ‘white wash’ studio location (nor would we want to!), which is exactly why we headed for the mecca of eccentricity itself...


Gods Own Junkyard.

Gemma Styles in Nobody's Child Bomber Jacket and Culottes

Based in Walthamstow, but with a cult following stretching as far as Los Angeles, this technicoloured haven is plastered wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, with all manner of neon lights, salvaged signs, vintage movie props, retro fairground displays, beady eyed mannequins and everything else in-between. A feast for the eyes is putting it lightly and the fact that there’s even a little cafe on the grounds makes it the perfect place to take your BFF for a coffee they’ll never forget (if only because the non-stop flashing of that bright pink diner sign will literally burn itself onto their retina!)


Nobody's Child Gods Own Junkyard Photoshoot


Nobody's Child Gods Own Junkyard Photoshoot


Gemma selected her own wardrobe on the day, and unsurprisingly (if you’ve read her ode to the 90s) it was very much inspired by the decade of Britpop, girl power and the ‘Rachel’ haircut. Channelling this season’s leisure-luxe trend, Gemma sported a relaxed vibe, including our oversized tee dress, floral bomber jacket and colourblock raglan tee. And it’s safe to say, she positively dazzled in them all...though that might have had something to do with the cluster of glitterballs overhead.

Gemma Styles wearing the Nobody's Child Oversized Tee Dress

She posed with the Statue of Liberty, sipped tea from a china cup while sat on a salvaged London Underground tube seat, and partook in a best friend quiz with her very own girl crush...but more on her later! In the meantime, check out Gemma’s 90’s playlist, the ode we mentioned earlier, and her very own Nobody’s Child clothing category - Fashion Gems - where we’ve collated everything she wore on the day!