RewardStyle Just Made It A Whole Lot Easier to Shop. Again.

RewardStyle Just Made It A Whole Lot Easier to Shop. Again.


Window shopping just ain’t what it used to be; curled up on your sofa, PJs on, Ben & Jerry’s in hand, scrolling through your insta-feed? It’s a whole lot better. Apart from one tiny little problem… that moment when you see your fave blogger wearing a floral maxi skirt that you’ve simply gotta’ have, but either have absolutely no idea where the hell they got it, or worse yet, have to try and remember some long-ass URL, rammed with random characters, because Instagram won’t let you copy n’ paste a link from a caption.

The struggle is real. Or rather, was real. And it’s all thanks to rewardStyle and its new screenshot feature.


rewardstyle influencer wearing nobody's child floral smock dress using screenshot feature@krystin_lee wearing Grey Floral Smock Dress – £28


You see, from now on when you spy a style you want, need, simply must have, all you need to do is screenshot the snap. Open up the app, select it from your pre-uploaded screenshots (that’s right, it’ll already be waiting for you), and assuming the blogger’s part of the rewardStyle clique, the app will automatically generate ready-to-shop links to the items in the shot. Mind exploded, much?


rewardstyle influencer wearing nobody's child red ruffle wrap dress using screenshot feature@hollyrebeccawhite wearing Red Ruffle Wrap Dress – £30


Never again will you have to scan through an Instagrammer’s entire Insta-feed, hoping they’ve featured that top previously, and unlike today, decided to link to it! Never again will you have to hunt through an entire website, looking for a dress that may or may not still be in stock, because the blogger didn’t state otherwise. And NEVER AGAIN will you have to write down some ridiculous link on a piece of paper before having to then manually rewrite it in the search bar because Instagram, for a reason that absolutely escapes us and the rest of its 600 million users, won’t let you copy text from a caption.

Screenshot. Open app. Click link. Buy.


screenshot of how new rewardstyle screenshot to shop feature works


But the best bit of all? The real deal-clincher? Nobody’s Child is now an official member of the rewardStyle network. So go on; change into your PJs, find a comfy corner on the couch, and get ready for one mammoth window-shop sesh. Cos our new occasionwear category won’t shop itself…


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