7 Very-Convincing Reasons Why You Should Definitely Travel More

7 Very-Convincing Reasons Why You Should Definitely Travel More


Finding reasons to travel more is little like finding reasons to drink more coffee, sleep in at the weekend, or buy yourself a new dress each week. Bit of easy sell TBH. I mean, people go on holiday anyway; it’s fun, you’re off work, you meet new people. YOU’RE OFF WORK!! It’s the one week of the year you look forward to during the other fifty-one. But what if we told you that there are other reasons to travel, besides the fact you can go out every single night, sleep the hangover off on a sun lounger every single morning, and all-the-while enjoy every single drink from the hollowed-out half of a very instagrammable pineapple. Seriously, we kid you not.


Thanks to the following 7 reasons, you’re about to feel even better for having just blown half a month’s wages on that trip to Dubrovnik.


1. Creating New Fave Memories


Friday night at the pub is great and all, but one week sort of rolls into another, right? …no matter how many straws Jane manages to squeeze in her mouth. So when it comes to fave memories, holidays  – for the reason that they’re a break from the norm, an escape from reality – survive the test of time. Whether it’s the vibrant colours, the vivid change of scenery, or the novelty of foreign cultures, you’ll be reliving those experiences for years and years to come. Believe us.


girl discovering the benefits of travelling more while on holiday


2. Hitting Reset


You know how it is; the weekend finally arrives, but before you know it, it’s somehow Tuesday again and you’re already hunting down the perfect ‘when you realise you’re not even halfway through the week’ meme. There’s precious time to go for a run (ok, so we might be lying to ourselves about that one!), let alone psychologically reset yourself for another week at the grindstone.

Holidays, on the other hand, take you out of the cycle. You no longer care whether there’s any fabric conditioner left, or if your housemate’s been down your peanut butter again (FYI he totally has). They’re like a spa for the soul, and you come back feeling refreshed… ’til you re-open your inbox, that is.


girl travelling on holiday wearing the nobody's child gingham bralet top


3. Gaining Perspective


Ok, so your avocado at lunch was a little hard and your hair straighteners don’t seem to get as hot as they use to. Perhaps you mashed out a colourfully-worded tweet about it, followed by the angry-face emoji and a seemingly self-satirising-though-really-completely-overdone #firstworldproblems. Travelling helps to put things back in perspective. And you don’t have to travel all that far before you suddenly realise that actually, life’s pretty damn good here. Unripe avo or not.


Girl discovering benefits of travelling by gaining perspective on holiday


4. Learning About Other Cultures


Not only will you be able to oh-so-casually recommend the perfect little tapas restaurant – off the beaten track, of course – when your desk-neighbour, Emma, happens to mention she’s off to Venice this summer, but other cultural customs are often absolutely fascinating. Take hygge for example, the Danish obsession with all things cosy, or lagom, a Swedish practise which suggests having a little bit of everything, not too much of everything, for a perfectly balanced lifestyle.


girl wearing nobody's child floral maxi dress while on holiday in venice


5. Discovering Yourself


Yes, it’s a bit of cliché. OK, a total cliché. But still, how else are you ever gonna’ find out if you’d rather live in the sunny climes of the Amalfi coast, or whether you’ve got a natural affinity with Hungarian cuisine, unless you travel? Not only is it the absolute best way to learn about the world, but about yourself, too. FACT.


girl experiencing benefits of travelling by discovering herself on holiday


6. BFF Goals


It’s true, holidays can make or break a friendship. But for the purpose of this article, we’re going to conveniently assume that more often than not, they make it.

You’re discovering things for the very first time, and to return to a previous point, creating new fave memories. These experiences are only going to be enriched by having your best mate right there alongside you. And who knows? The next time you’re at the pub on a Friday, perhaps you can while away the time reminiscing, instead of… you know, watching Jane and her straws.


best friends experiencing benefits of travelling while wearing nobody's child on holiday


7. That Holiday Wardrobe


Actually booking the holiday – and by that, we mean the moment you hover over the ‘confirm’ button, hesitate for a second, and then hit down on it with all your might – is just about as exciting as it gets. But com’on, choosing that all-new holiday wardrobe is a close second, right? And unless you go on holiday, what other reason is there to stock up on thigh-high shorts, tan-maxing tops and beach-ready dresses? British summer, you say? Don’t make me lol.


girl packing nobody's child floral slip dress into suitcase for holiday


Know any other very-convincing reasons why you should travel more? You know what to do (starts with comments, ends in box). If not, and you’re already totally sold on the subject, then there’s one thing for it. Time to prep that holiday wardrobe! 


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