QUIZ: What you should OFFICIALLY wear this New Year’s Eve

QUIZ: What you should OFFICIALLY wear this New Year’s Eve


New Year’s Eve is the marmite of annual events. Allow us to explain… On one hand, it’s a celebration of the past twelve months, a projection of the next twelve months, and the perfect excuse for one final knees-up before everyone goes back to work. On the other hand, it’s yet another reminder of the slow, inevitable – what’s it all mean?! – progression of time, and a night you’d sooner lose to the increasingly-transparent bottom of a family-size variety bucket.


Either way, it’s drawing ever nearer, so whatever your approach to NYE is, it’s time to get that wardrobe prepped, and as always, we got ya! So take the quiz below, record your answers, consult the chart at the end, and avoid ending the year on one massive ‘rail-fail’ bum note.


girl dancing on new year's eve in glitter bodycon dress


1) New Year’s Eve starts for you at:
a. 7 o’clock sharp. I need to hoover, finally replace that bathroom lock, and head on over to Tesco to see what Prosecco deals they’ve got on! (no one will know it’s not champagne… will they?)
b. Well, I’ll actually be in a different time zone. Two, in fact. I plan on celebrating NYE twice, by crossing borders!
c. The moment they add that NYE filter on snapchat. And then, it’s showtime.
d. As soon as I slip my PJs on.
e. When that first cork pops!


2) You’re drinking…
a. Prosec… I mean champagne. *wink wink*
b. Shochu. Oh, you haven’t heard of it?
c. A pina colada served in half a coconut, and garnished with more fruit than I’ve had all year.
d. Cuppa. Tea.
e. Whatever’s in that fishbowl. Wait, is that a fish?!


3) You’re eating…
a. Duck spring rolls, bbq chicken skewers, puff pastry vol-au-vents… Good ol’ Iceland.
b. Fugu. AKA puffer fish. I’ll let you know if I survive the New Year.
c. Not quite sure, but can I borrow your drink for a sec. It’ll totally balance out the picture.
d. *ding* That’ll be the Just Eat guy.
e. Eating’s cheatin’.


girl wearing satin slip dress on new year's eve


4) When the clock hits midnight, you’re…
a. Battling with the remote control to get that Big Ben countdown on-screen
b. Too busy rock diving to realise
c. #NYEselfie with the squad
d. Chowing down the Quality Streets as I nail-bite my way through the last episode of Stranger Things. Again.
e. Errr….


5) You’re spending the evening with…
a. Well, over there is… um… and over there is… uhhhhh – I don’t actually know ANY of these people?!
b. The most amazing group of likeminded, free-spirited, liberated individuals EVER. And to think, I met them at lunch!
c. My 20,000 followers!
d. Spooning two of my favourite men; this is Ben, and this is Jerry.
e. My beschtescht buddy ol’ pal… *hic!*


dancing in satin shirt at new year's eve party


6) Pick a hashtag.
a. #BacktoMine
b. #wanderlust
c. #likeforlike
d. #fogo
e. #yolo


7) Bed is…
a. Calling me. Just need to fill the dishwasher, sweep up a few broken glasses, and coat the entire carpet in vanish.
b. Under the moonlit sky
c. The ultimate flatlay surface for my 2016-shaped sunglasses. #goals
d. Reserved for the post-sofa after party.
e. Strangely smooth. Blindingly white. There’s every chance I’m in a bathtub.


8) Your New Year’s Resolution is…
a. Never to host another ‘open’ event on Facebook again. My poor carpet.
b. Meet more people, see more places. And delay adulthood for at least another year.
c. Hit that next 10k milestone. Are you sure you’re already following me?
d. What does YOLO mean again?
e. No. More. Alcohol. …except maybe at weekend.


Mostly A’s

You’re the Host. And for whatever reason, you’re tasked with the annual NYE party, year in, year out. If these walls could speak… they’d probably say some garbled, slurred, totes-emosh nonsense about being your best friend.


girl wearing nobody's child star print shirt at new year's eve partyStar Print Pyjama Shirt – £22


New Year’s Eve outfit – Star Print Pyjama Shirt & Shorts. As the host, you’re a natural leader, and so, 100% need a fash-forward get-up. This co-ord collabo not only ticks all the style boxes, but means you can slip straight into bed the minute you’ve finished clearing up… or not.


Mostly B’s

You’re the Globetrotter. And in all likelihood, are probably riding a camel across the Sahara desert as we speak.


girl wearing nobody's child velvet wrap dress at new year's eve partyBlack Velvet Wrap Dress – £30


New Year’s Eve outfit – Rose Velvet Wrap Dress. With its kimono-inspired sleeves and wrap-front silhouette, this lavish-luxe style takes its design cues from the orient. Sold? We thought as much.


Mostly C’s

You’re the Snapchatter. And New Year is basically the most snapchattable event of the year. And as for that NYE selfie, well, you need to beat last year’s ‘like’ record.


girl wearing nobody's child girl gang slogan tee at new year's eve partyGirl Gang Slogan T-shirt – £12


New Year’s Eve outfit – The ‘Girl Gang’ slogan tee fo’ sho. In fact, why not get one for the whole squad?


Mostly D’s

You’re the Netflix & Chiller. And think of Near Year’s Eve as the perfect excuse to catch up on your ever-increasing ‘to watch’ list. I mean seriously, golden age of television is one thing, but this is getting ridiculous…


girl wearing nobody's child pink velvet sweat at new year's eve partyPink Velvet Sweat Top – £18


New Year’s Outfit – Pink Velvet Sweat Top. Super comfy, uber warm, and still bang-on-trend, in case you suddenly come down with a case of the FOMOs, and decide to crash that party in the flat upstairs.


Mostly E’s

You’re the WTH Happened Last Night-er. And haven’t remembered a New Year’s Eve since, well, you can’t remember. Though that year you woke up in France definitely stands out…


girl wearing nobody's child silver metallic slip dress at new year's eve partySilver Metallic Slip Dress – £22


New Year’s Outfit – Metallic Slip Dress. Finished in lustrous silver with barely-there straps, like you, this party-ready number is guaranteed to be the centre of attention.


Let us know what you got in the comments below, and if you ARE wearing Nodody’s Child on New Year’s Eve, make sure you tag us in a shot on Instagram using #NCrowd!



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