Plastic fantastic: sustainable festivals you need tix for…

Plastic fantastic: sustainable festivals you need tix for…

Good news party people, Live Nation, the world’s largest concert promoter, is eliminating single-use plastics from its venues and events by 2021. If you book tix for Reading, Leeds, Wireless, Latitude or Download in a couple of years, you can do so with zero guilt. These Live Nation-run festivals have vowed to be plastic-free within two years. Glasto isn’t a Live Nation festival, but the typically eco-friendly event is already waging war on single-use plastics, having pledged to illuminate them. More than 60 other independent music festivals in the UK have committed to eliminating single-use plastic by 2021.fakespacing[1]

What does it mean for the future of festivals? Plastic straws, cups and water bottles will become a thing of the past, caterers won’t be able to use plastic food trays, and all body glitter will have to be biodegradable (read: your future will still be sparkly). Live Nation also runs some pretty major music venues across the UK.

fakespacing[1]So, if you’re heading to Manchester Apollo, Cardiff International Arena and London’s O2 Academy Brixton from 2021, you’ll be entering a plastic-free zone. But banning single-use plastic isn’t the only way festivals are becoming more sustainable, both in the UK and abroad. Norway’s Øya Festival is powered solely by sustainable electricity, and only serves locally sourced food from small-scale providers. While Iceland’s Secret Solstice has been carbon-neutral since 2016, with its emissions offset by the planting of trees in Madagascar.


Staying local? Kent’s Alfresco Festival has teamed up with two charities to collect unwanted tents and sleeping bags and redistribute them to the homeless. There’s never been a better reason to leave your stuff behind!

fakespacing[1]About time festivals cleaned up their act? Any great sustainable festivals we don’t know about out there? Let us know in the comments below.

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