Our new SS16 Fashion Campaign: ‘Spring Broke’

Our new SS16 Fashion Campaign: ‘Spring Broke’


When it came to planning our SS16 clothing campaign, a lot of ideas were thrown around; Easter, bank holiday, bunny rabbits, chocolate eggs…but none of them seemed to say fashion. So we got to thinking; what exactly does this time of year mean to our hardcore followers…AKA the students among you!

maia cotton polaroids

Well first of all, spring break is literally around the corner (woo!), and as amazing as three weeks off is, you’re well and truly broke, right? (boooo!) Hence…’Spring Broke.’ But just because you’re account is looking redder than the sole of a Louboutin heel, the fun absolutely doesn’t need to stop…


girl wearing nobody's child red racer back tank topRed Tank Top – £8


Over the next few weeks, we want to celebrate the idea of making your own fun, and stretching your money as best you can. Take the photography from our new campaign for example; the beautiful sun-drenched hue has vibes of Miami and LA, but was shot in North London, and believe us when we say it was absolutely freezing! In terms of props, we kept to a minimal budget, and bought a few pineapples (buy two, get one free!), a cheap foil curtain and a packet of bubblegum. And as for lunch, toast sandwich ring any bells? We jest, but you get the idea…


girl wearing nobody's child floral print bomber jacketFloral Bomber Jacket – £25


And this is basically what Nobody’s Child is all about – getting the most for your money. As we manufacture all our own garments, we’ve effectively cut the middle man out, meaning we can continue to create high quality clothing, but at a much lower price point. Fast fashion with a conscience! So whether you’re after a new bomber jacket, a gorgeous summer dress, or a few new tops, we’ve got exactly what you need…spring broke or not.



Check our new Spring Broke category now, where we’ve compiled some our best value-for-money items, and stay tuned for other great ways to save money here on the NC magazine. In fact, if you’re really strapped for cash, you might want to check out our Bomber Jacket style guide, sharing three completely different but equally great ways to wear it – talk about bang for your buck!


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