From now on, you’ll be hearing the words 'girl' and 'crush’ from us an awful lot, and we have to admit, we’re pretty excited about it. But before we get carried away with #girlcrush this, and #girlcrush that, we thought we’d better explain what it’s all about...


As you should know by now, we love doing things slightly differently here at Nobody’s Child. Ethical fast fashion...self-styled blogger shoots...a worrying obsession with branded get the idea. And this is no different. We’re the brand with a ‘conscience’, remember, and by that we mean there’s more to us than ridiculously fashionable clothing.


nobody's child girl crush


You know that moment when you spot another girl’s shoes on the tube, in all their metallic, eye-blinding glory, and you’re like, ‘oh em gee’ *mouth to the floor* - well that’s #girlcrush - or that friend you share your dessert with (because the calories don’t count that way) and who you text whenever anything happens in your life, whether it’s just the fact you managed to get up ‘the morning after the night before’ - that’s #girlcrush - or that Fashion Instagrammer you follow who is literally #life itself, even when she’s just got out of bed, has absolutely no makeup on and is only wearing a plain white t-shirt – THAT’S #GIRLCRUSH!!!


nobody's child girl crush


It’s basically our opportunity to crush on girlkind, and celebrate all there is to love about our gender. We’ll be spotlighting our own crushes, and sharing everything about them, whether it’s their wardrobe, their passions, or even their own girl crushes. And to kick things off, we couldn’t think of anyone better than the amazing Gemma Styles; a force to be reckoned with, Gemma’s a millennial role model and regularly writes for The Debrief, covering everything from that Kim Kardashian selfie (you know the one!) to whether social media can change a person’s ‘IRL’ behaviour.

nobody's child girl crush


But we want to hear what #GirlCrush means to you, too! Is it your Saturday night girl squad? Is it a certain word only you and your BFF use? Is it a certain shade of coral lipstick you once saw someone wear, and have been trying to track down ever since? No doubt it's all this and more, which is exactly why we feel it's high time we started shouting about it!


So stay tuned these next few days, as we begin to reveal the first stages of this new and exciting ‘heart-eyed emoji’ venture!


All images sourced from Pinterest