Meet the Nobody’s Child pawsome pets this World Animal Day!

Meet the Nobody’s Child pawsome pets this World Animal Day!

This week we’re celebrating all things #WeAreNobodysPets because they’re our partners in crime, they watch Bake Off without complaint and they give great cuddles.

As the saying goes… behind every great woman there’s a great pet (poetic licence, but you get where we’re going with this).

If you’ve ever wondered about the fluff behind the cool stuff, meet our motley crew of furry sidekicks. We couldn’t do it without these guys…

fakespacing[1]020918_Animal Day_2

Captain Flint

A natural born red head, Flint brings the all-important sass to the NC creative team.

Isabella, Head of Creative


020918_Animal Day_4


As Hux the Goldendoodle firmly believes, you never know where you’ll find inspiration. PS hot tip, he’s feeling olive for A/W 2018/19.

Alana, Copywriter


020918_Animal Day_5

Tilly & Toby

Weimaraner duo Tills and lil’ brother-from-another-mother Toby, look great in a co-ord.

Katy, Digital Designer


020918_Animal Day_3


Oh and did we mention we have a studio dog? Meet Daisy the pescatarian, bringing chill vibes to all our shoots.


No pets? No problem! Check out our world of animal prints to get your fix…

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