Trending Now: The ‘Most’ Millennial Pink Places in London

Trending Now: The ‘Most’ Millennial Pink Places in London


So a certain brand of kitchen crockery made the headlines earlier this month. Why? Because it’s range of pots, pans and dishes are now available in everyone’s fave shade of-the-moment; pink. Or as it’s recently become known; millennial pink. A few weeks before that, and it was chocolate gracing the newsfeeds, having been produced in its first new natural colour in eighty years. Again, pink… of the millennial variety. Needless to say, the shade’s about to have a mega moment, and as with all mega moments – no matter how utterly ridic – we totally want in. Which brings us onto today’s matter at hand…


Literally, the very pinkest – and by pinkest, we mean the kind that would give a Juicy Couture-clad flamingo a run for its money – places London has to offer. Leave the rose tinted glasses at home, ya’ll.

Peggy Porschen Cakes – 30 Elizabeth Street, Sloane Square


Add a little contrast, perhaps a touch of grain, maybe even the slightest touch of sharpness, and most London-based cafes suddenly look pretty damn insta-worthy. Until your mate posts a pic outside Peggy Porschen Cakes, that is, and just like that, steals *ALL* the likes. Like, every last one of them.


Which is why you need to get yourself down to the Belgravia-based bakery first. Not only is it literally plastered head-to-ceiling in pink – from the kettles, to the teacups, to the very walls themselves – but also serves what Vanity Fair has boldly dubbed ‘the best cupcakes in the world!’

Peggy porschen cakes bakery, one of the most millennial pink places in London

Dadelyan Bar – 20 Upper Ground, Southwark


Yes, it may have officially won this year’s award for World’s Best Cocktail Bar, and yes, I’m sure the Dandelyan Sour (complete with a stencil of the ‘100’ emoji sprayed into its foam) is nothing less than a party in the mouth, but let’s not kid ourselves… it’s the bar’s ultra-plush, ultra-pink sofas that’ll have you scribbling the place down on your must-visit list. *Grabs Pencil*


Dandelyan bar, one of the most millennial pink places in London

Frank’s Cafe – 95A Rye Lane, Peckham


A mecca for all things histerdom, Frank’s Cafe is 1) a rooftop bar, 2) based in Peckham, and 3) serves all the usual faves of the flannel shirt-fitted crew, including craft beers, artisanal coffee and smashed avo-on-toast. But strange as it sounds, it’s actual the venue’s bubble-gum-pink stairwell that totally outnumbers – three-to-one – the otherwise obligatory #nomnom flatlays on Insta.


The staircase at Frank's Cafe, one of the most millennial pink places in London

Sketch London – 9 Conduit Street, Oxford Circus


Forget the orange creme souffle. Just one look at Sketch London’s candy-coloured gallery’s enough to give you one serious sugar-rush. The Mayfair restaurant was refurbished back in 2012, under the vision of French chef Pierre Gagnaire, who famously said ‘why have less when you can have more?’, and having sat in one of the pink velvet, blancmange-like seats, we couldn’t agree more.

Sketch London restaurant, one of the most millennial pink places in London

Come across any other teeth-clenchingly pink London venues during your travels? No matter how gaudy, tasteless or downright hideous, we wanna know, so make sure you jot them down in the comment box below, before checking out our just-in pink chunky knit jumper (which is anything but!).


All non-brand imagery sourced from Pinterest and Tumblr


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