Are These London’s Most Instagrammable Freakshakes?

Are These London’s Most Instagrammable Freakshakes?


A couple of weeks ago, we served up a scoop on London’s most instagrammable ice-creams. From candyfloss-covered cones to pastel macaron sandwiches, these double-tap-worthy treats made your Mr Whippy look little better than a cream-coloured turd. And now we’re doing the same for your all-American milkshake. Talk about laying it on thick…


The Volcano Freakshake, Waffle Paradise


No doubt named as your arteries will be fit to erupt shortly after consuming one of these colossal creations, the ‘Volcano’ Freakshake at Waffle Paradise is giving the restaurant’s signature dessert a run for its money.

Before you can even get round to slurping the ludicrously thick milkshake, you’ll have to battle your way through a soon-to-topple tower of deserts first, one option of which stacks a handful of oreos on top of a chocolate brownie, which in turn sits snugly astride a sugar-glazed doughnut. Might wanna get on and book that overdue dentist appointment beforehand.


the volcano from waffle paradise one of the best milkshakes and freakshakes in london


The Unicorn Freakshake, Maxwell’s Bar and Grill


First came unicorn toast. Next, the unicorn latte. But both pale into insignificance as the latest diabetes-in-a-cup sensation gallops its way into our soon-to-fail hearts. Dubbed the Unicorn Freakshake – and only available from Maxwell’s Bar and Grill in Covent Garden – this retina-burning monstrosity, overbrimming with fizzy rainbow-strips and an over-clouding of candyfloss, brings a whole new meaning to the term instagrammable. Keep em’ away from Voldemort, mind!


the unicorn from maxwells one of the best milkshakes and freakshakes in london


The Make-Your-Own Freakshake, Molly Bakes


Fancy building your own teetering turret of treats? Then get on down to Molly Bakes on Kingsland Road, where you can choose from one of four base flavours – whether that’s raspberry, chocolate, peanut butter or salted caramel – to then personalise with all manner of scroll-stopping sweets and confectionery, including chunks of brownie, hunks of marshmallow and flakes of honeycomb. It’s like a consumable game of buckaroo!


the build your own from molly bakes one of the best milkshakes and freakshakes in london


The Pineapple Upside-Down Freakshake, Le Freakshaker at Pond Dalston


I imagine the individual who had the bright idea to flip your standard pineapple cake, upside down, and in doing so, give rise to the now-famous pineapple upside-down cake, must be pretty damn smug with themselves. Until now… that is. Cos the good folk at Le Freakshaker have only come and, um… turned the whole thing on its head… again!

Taking your average (if you can call it that?) freakshake, dousing it in enough cream, syrup and sprinkles to make the likes of Willy Wonka wince, and then slapping a slab of its namesake-cake (namecake?) on top, this snap-worthy sugar rush will have your followers salivating at the screen.


The pineapple upside down cake from le freakshaker one of the best milkshakes and freakshakes in london


Know any other London-based milkshakes or freakshakes that’ll bring the boys, girls and every other sweet-toothed soul to the yard? Shake a leg and jot them down in the comment box below. As for a few other guaranteed insta-wins (albeit, inedible ones), get on over to New In for our latest selection of crop tops, mini skirts and ruffle wrap dresses.


All non-brand imagery sourced from Pinterest and Tumblr


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