What’s the Scoop? Only London’s MOST Instagrammable Ice-Creams!

What’s the Scoop? Only London’s MOST Instagrammable Ice-Creams!


As instagrammable foods go, ice-creams are tricky. Yes, your three-patty stacked burger, oozing with monteray jack cheese and enough relish to overpower all other flavour, will be stone-cold by the time you’ve taken the perfect shot, but ice-creams? They’re a whole different ballgame. Cos once you’ve found the perfect background, the ideal angle, and suitably adjusted the light settings, there’ll be precious little ice-cream left! So you gotta’ make sure that frozen treat’s as photogenic as possible from the get-go. Which brings us onto these mouth-watering guys…


1. Fish-shaped Ice-cream Cone – Bake, Chinatown


I mean, who hasn’t always dreamt of nomming on a matcha-flavoured ice-cream from a fish-shaped cone? Well, the gook folk at Bake have fin-ally made those dreams a reality!

Based on a traditional Japanese dessert called taiyaki, these uber-adorable eats come in two flavours – vanilla and green tea – while the cone is made from a waffle-type mixture. All in all, they’re of-FISH-cially our new fave dessert!


London's most instagrammable fish shaped ice-cream cone from Bake


2. Macaron Ice-cream Sandwiches – Yolkin, Soho


Oh, so you thought a tray of French pastel macarons was just about as instagrammable as it gets? Hate to break it, but they’re officially old-news. You see, in a world of freakshakes, donut-burgers and unicorn-lattes, the french delicacy was in desperate need of a make-over…

Four words; macaron ice-cream sandwiches (or is that three words?), and it’s all thanks to a Soho food-stall named Yolkin… so called because the founder, who loved making macarons, wanted to find a recipe to use the leftover egg yolk in. Ergo, ice-cream!


London's most instagrammable macaron ice-cream sandwiches from Yolkin


3. Candyfloss Ice-cream – Milk Train Café, Covent Garden


For a one-way ticket to cloud nine, get yourself over to Covent Garden’s Milk Train Café for their heavenly helping of soft-scoop Candyfloss Ice-cream. Available in three different flavours – vanilla, matcha and hojicha – and topped in all manner of insta-worthy sprinkles – these airy treats are guaranteed to get the likes rocketing.


London's most instagrammable candyfloss cloud ice-creams from Milk Train


4. The Crone – Dum Dum Doughnuts, Shoreditch


Whilst ‘the Crone’ might not be the most appetising name, as Shakespeare famously whipped, sorry, quipped: ‘an ice-cream by any other name, still tastes as sweet’ (or something along those lines).

But WTH is it, we hear you ask? To answer that, first we’ve got to go back a few years when something called ‘the cronut’ – an ingenious interbreeding of donut and croissant – was all the rage. 2016 saw the addition of ice-cream, and just like that, the ridiculously instagrammable Crone was born.


London's most instagrammable crone ice-creams from dum dum doughnuts


5. Flower-shaped Ice-cream – Amorino, Camden


Rose! It was ‘a rose by any other name,’ but we digress… So last but not least; the flower shaped ice-cream! Bring together two of life’s most camera-pleasing subjects, and you know you’re onto a double-tapping winner.

Blossoming straight out of the Paris-born gelato café, Amorino, these scroll-stopping beauties are almost too pretty to eat. But with the likes of Sicilian Citrus, Mango d’India and Heritage Raspberry gracing the menu, that would be a serious mistake.


London's most instagrammable flower ice-creams from Amorino


Stay tuned for more instagrammable foods right here on the NC magazine, and if you’re suddenly felling hella summery, you might wanna’ get yourself over to New In for our latest serving of crop tops, beach shorts, and super-breezy floral dresses. Cos ice-creams aren’t the only way to keep your cool in the heat…


All non-brand imagery sourced from Pinterest and Tumblr


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