London Fashion Week; Street Style Report, February 2017

London Fashion Week; Street Style Report, February 2017


Can we get a ‘hallelujah praise the lord’? The powers-that-be only went and moved LFW from Brewer Street carpark a.k.a. last year’s location a.k.a. hell on earth, itself. I mean, we’ve all seen the old ‘bin liner as a dress’ gig. But when said bin liner’s actually full of rubbish, and strewn in great numbers across the road, it’s not quite the same style statement… which no doubt you’ll know if you visited the shows back in September, seconds before toppling – heads, heels, arse, tit – over one in an attempt to avoid the never-ending traffic.


So it’s with great relief that we can report LFW’s new ‘hazard-free’ home – 180 The Strand – is a far more welcoming location. As for what everyone was wearing? It looks like the trend tribe’s fully re-embraced colour this season. Sugary sweet shades were a feast for the eyes, as powder pinks and love-heart blues fizzed against each other. And if they didn’t ‘catch’ your attention, then the heaps of fishnet mesh certainly would have done…


We got up close and personal with a few of the pastel-painted, mesh-clad lot to find out exactly what it is about London Fashion Week that draws in the numbers, year after year…


Cheng Boyee – @hybridaholic


What brings you to London Fashion Week today?
I’m representing my friend’s fashion styling consultant company, and here to see Fyodor Golan. But also to get some inspiration really.


And if you could talk us through your outfit…
I’ve layered a gathered dress under this bardot top, and added fishnet under it. Then I’ve thrown another wrap skirt on top, cos I just absolutely love layering.


Any trends you’re loving atm?
Love quirky stuff. Love colourful stuff. Anything that makes me happy really.


And who’s your style icon?
Fyodor Golan, of course! They’re fun, they’re inspiring, they’re quirky. I’m so excited about the show!


girl wearing bardot top for london fashion week street style


Regina Yeh – @regina.yeh


So, why London Fashion Week?
Actually we’re here for a street style feature as well. We’re on the lookout for androgynous fashion, for an online magazine with LCF.


And what are you wearing today?
I’ve matched this salmon pink shirt with a velvet bomber jacket, and then added culottes.


Any particular trends you’re wearing right now?
Definitely velvet and culottes. Which just so happens to be exactly what I’m wearing. Ha!


girl wearing wide leg culottes for london fashion week street style


Chelsea Culbertson – @chelseaculbertson7


What drew you to London Fashion Week on this grey and drizzly morning?
Well, I’m studying fashion design at university, so I’m looking at what trends are coming out, and what street style there is.


How would you describe your outfit?
I always go for a dark colour and then add something that grabs your eye, so I went for these shoes – you know, gold against the black. And I’m loving fishnet right now, cos you can just wear it underneath everything! The glasses as well… that’s like my new love at the minute.


And which SS17 trends have been your fave?
I’ve been loving oversized clothing. Kinda’ like boyish but unisex.


girl wearing lace midi dress for london fashion week street style


Emma Rigby – @rigglesbie


So let’s start with what brought you to London Fashion Week today?
I’m interning at Urban Outfitters, so I’m here to write a report on the LFW street style. Plus try and blag my way into some shows if I can…


And what are you wearing today?
I got this jacket from a vintage shop in Sheffield. I literally wear everything vintage. Though saying that, this jumper’s actually from the Kenzo and H&M collection. Ha! And then I’ve gone for the double denim look with these fray hem jeans.


Any specific trends catching your eye right now?
Obviously ruffles are like soooo big at the minute, and I love them. And oversized sleeves as well. You know, puff sleeves… ruffle sleeves… ruffle trousers. Ruffle mania!


girl wearing neon sweat for london fashion week street style


Scarlett Hao – @scarletthalo


So what is it about London Fashion Week that interests you?
I’m a fashion blogger based in New York and this is my first time at London Fashion Week. I’m really excited!


Does the street style differ between London and New York?
Yeah, it’s really different. People here are more edgy, they’re cool, they’re hippy. New York’s more colourful but a bit more casual.


And what trends are you paying attention to this season?
Definitely metallic. If you look at New York Fashion Week, every brand had so much metallic.


girl wearing mesh dress for london fashion week street style


Emma Townsend – @emma_etownsend


So, why London Fashion Week?
I’m just here to take some street style photos for an online magazine I recently set up for my uni course.


And what are you wearing today?
So I have these ripped flared jeans on, which are super comfy. And then obviously my luminous pink hoodie. I’m really really big on comfort. The more it looks like pyjamas, the better.


And was it inspired by any particular trends right now?
I think the oversized look’s quite an upcoming thing; the big boxy shapes, the really big lines. I think it’s one of the first trends that hasn’t been inspired by a past one.


And what styles are you loving most right now?
Neon pink! My wardrobe’s literally gone from not having any of it… and now 50% of it’s neon pink!


girl wearing pink hoodie for london fashion week street style


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