Street style report from London Fashion Week 2016

Street style report from London Fashion Week 2016


London Fashion Week kicked off last Friday, and seeing how the Nobody’s Child HQ is located less than a 10 minute strut from this year’s location, we couldn’t resist popping down there. But truth be told… even if it was a day’s hike away, we still would have zipped our Bomber Jackets up, slipped some chunky socks on under our heels, added an extra layer of hairspray to our coiffed do’s, and braved the London elements. Because fashion hurts, but it’s totally worth it.


London Fashion Week street style shot


This year, London Fashion Week was based on Brewer Street, and despite the fact that this is an incredibly busy crossroad in the heart of Soho, with all manner of delivery vans beeping their way through the hoards of fashionistas, it didn’t stop some of the world’s most stylish individuals – including models, designers and top fashion instagrammers – from attending. So, what exactly was everyone wearing?


Girl wearing pink boyfriend coat at London Fashion Week


As predicted, it was all about relaxed tailoring; from chic culottes, to vintage inspired flares, the various legs of the fashion pack billowed like the sails of a fleet of ships down that windswept alley. And as for the individuals who stayed true to denim, their allegiances had shifted slightly from the skinny cut of previous years, with many opting for a modern interpretation of the nineties boyfriend jean. Then, of course, there were those who boycotted trousers altogether, instead championing this year’s pleated skirt craze!


girl wearing culottes at london fashion week


Directing our attention a little higher, the bomber jacket was still out in full force, with options varying from quilted, to oversized, to longline, to dazzlingly colourful…all of which, had been peppered with patches, either denoting witty one-liners, like ‘who needs guys when you’ve got friends,’ or simply depicting an emoji of sorts. A layer below, and despite the bitter east wind, lily-white midriffs (well, it has been winter!) peaked through, as once again the nineties prevailed with crop tops the unequivocal fashionista flavour of the month.


lady wearing burgundy bomber jacket at london fashion week


As for accessories….one word; sunglasses. Some things never change.


But don’t just take our word for all of this. Instead, check out the video below, showcasing a montage of London Fashion Week street style (and why not subscribe to our YouTube channel while you’re at it!). We also spent the afternoon interviewing a few of the more vocal attendees, to discover what they’re wearing this Spring, what they think will be big clothing trends of AW16, and (aside from the weather!) how London Fashion Week differs from other’s around the world.



Let us know what your thoughts are on our London Fashion week street style report over on Twitter using #NobodysChild, and if the thought of culottes, crop tops and bomber jackets sounds up your catwalk, then check out the Nobody’s Child new in section now!


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