Welcome to the very first entry on the Nobody’s Child magazine. Exciting times! Today we want to take the opportunity to introduce our range of ethically manufactured tops, skirts and dresses, and explain what we mean by 'fast fashion with a conscience.' But as they say, you only get one chance to make a first impression, so here goes...


three girls wearing nobody's child white tops


Introducing Nobody's Child


Like you, we absolutely love fashion. And when we see something we like, we want it there and then. No hanging around. #YOLO right? That said, fast fashion has been known to come with a price, and we don’t mean the one after the pound sign. Thousands of people around the world are forced to work in less than satisfactory conditions, but it doesn’t need to be this way!! And Nobody's Child is proof of that.


woman wearing nobody's child floral print wrap dressFloral Wrap Dress - £28


Fast Fashion with a Conscience


‘Fast fashion with a conscience’ is how we describe it, and our goal is simple; to deliver the most on-trend and current pieces, at the lowest possible prices, without sacrificing quality, or compromising our ethical standards. In fact, don’t take just take our word for it - check out our latest collection of crop tops, bodysuits and bodycon dresses here.


girl wearing nobody's child palm leaf print bomber jacketPalm Print Bomber - £25


Ethical Manufacturing


You see, Nobody's Child either owns or has complete control over the entire supply chain. Put simply, we ensure that every stage of the fashion manufacturing process is ethically managed, and because we manufacture our own clothing, we've also cut out the middle man, meaning we can produce high quality clothing at a price you're happy to pay.


lady wearing nobody's child black bodycon dress with mesh Black Bodycon Dress - £30


To read more about how we've achieved 'fast fashion with a conscience', check out our 'about us' section, but before you do, why not give us little follow on Instagram @NobodysChild, to ensure you're always in the know about the latest fashion and style updates...