Interview: 5 mins with Sophia Rosemary & Phoebe Fox

Interview: 5 mins with Sophia Rosemary & Phoebe Fox


Lemme stop you right there. Unless you’ve read our previous post – a ‘day in the life’ with Sophia Rosemary & Phoebe Fox – you know, the one where we lunched at the Breakfast Club, wreaked havoc at Rough Trade, hit the back alleys of Shoreditch for an impromptu street shoot, yada, yada, yada… then you need to backtrack RN. For everyone else, get ready to know our latest girl crushes that little bit better…


Q&A with Sophia Rosemary


NC – How would you describe your individual style?
Sophia – My individual style is so indecisive! It’s like a mish-mash of a million looks rolled into one. I’d say it’s extremely sixties inspired, with a bit of seventies thrown in here-and-there, and more often than not it’s a touch boyish.

NC – You’re clearly inspired by the past. Which era has had the strongest influence?
Sophia – The Sixties, without a shadow of a doubt!

interviewing fashion blogger sophia rosemary wearing nobody's child velvet skater dressCrushed Velvet Skater Dress – £28


NC – …and if you had to live in a different time altogether?
Sophia – Mid-sixties! Haha sorry but this interview is going to be pretty boring if I answer everything with the word sixties, isn’t it? I just feel like it’s (debatably) a time when fashion, music and film culture peaked.


NC – From Bowie tees to Smiths jumpers, does music influence your wardrobe?
Sophia – It has a huge influence on me, for sure. One of my biggest style icons is George Harrison; he’s had such a big effect on my wardrobe and is probably to blame for my tom-boy ways.


phoebe taking street style shoot of fashion blogger phoebe fox


NC – Who’s your idol and why?
Sophia – Jane Birkin is probably my biggest fashion idol. I really relate to the way she dresses; it was very care free and effortlessly cool. She somehow managed to make androgynous dressing, feminine. I love that!


NC – Vinyl or Spotify?
Sophia – I don’t have Spotify… But I do have a vinyl player, so we’ll go for that I guess!


fashion blogger sophia rosemary wearing nobody's child floral playsuitDitsy Floral Playsuit – coming soon


NC – How does the Manchester fashion scene differ from London?
Sophia – Eek I feel like that’s a loaded question. I think Manchester tends to take its pop culture heritage to heart a lot more then London does, and that’s really affected our fashion in a big way. We’re so proud of our music scene and everything that comes with it, whereas I think London style is a lot more laid back and avant-garde…


NC – What struggles do fashion bloggers face that others might not realise?
Sophia – It’s hard work! I think if you’re making it look effortless, you’re doing a great job. I’m my biggest critic and I can have an amazing outfit but if my writing’s rubbish, I just think what’s the point… Case in point, writing is more important than the outfit, I assure you.


interviewing sophia rosemary wearing nobody's child metallic going out dressMetallic Spot Dress – £30


NC – What’s next for Sophia Rosemary?
Sophia – Oh Gawwwd! I don’t know! My blog just turned one and I couldn’t have asked for a better year so fingers crossed it’s just onwards and upwards.


Q&A with Phoebe Fox


NC – How did you get into music photography?
Phoebe – Simply by picking up a camera that was lying around the house. I started taking fashion style photos of my friends in the local park, and moved on to shooting bloggers and thinking up fashion shoots. Then I moved to the BRIT School where I became friends with lots of musicians. I needed a way to get into their gigs for free so offered to take photos – I fell in love with music photography from there!


NC – What bands IYO should we be watching right now?
Phoebe – Anteros, The Amazons, High Tyde, & The Pale White


NC – What makes for the best gig photo?
Phoebe – A shot that depicts the band’s personality as a whole, as well as their individual personalities, the audiences’ reaction & participation, and the atmosphere this all creates.


photographer phoebe fox street shooting fashion blogger sophia rosemaryBlack Bow Rib Top – £12


NC – How does music photography differ from fashion?
Phoebe – I think that completely depends on the photographer and how you think about both styles. I really like shooting music portraits with an influence from classic fashion photography. This works for fashion, too – shoot a catwalk like it’s a gig and you end up with images people around you don’t have.


NC – Does style still play an important factor?
Phoebe – Style plays a HUGE factor; it’s how people choose to express their personalities and it’s this personality that I always try to capture when shooting bands and artists.


NC – Why are musicians nearly always ultra stylish?
Phoebe – Hahaha I guess that’s the same with any creative individual – you want to express yourself. The more you can project yourself to the public, the more people feel they know about you, and I think that has to work well when trying to establish an artist’s public image.


interviewing photographer phoebe fox wearing nobody's child velvet sweat


NC – What album would you take to a desert island?
Phoebe – Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I Am Not – Arctic Monkeys


How would you describe your individual style?
Phoebe – I’d describe my individual style as rock-y but always with a touch of something either embellished or red! I usually have to wear black when shooting, so that’s taken over my wardrobe.


NC – What’s next for Phoebe Fox?
Phoebe – I’m currently studying music marketing and promotion at university, while balancing that with working as much as I possibly can. After that, I’d love to meet new people whilst travelling on tours, and document it all.


Q&A-ing the girls together…


NC – So, how did you guys meet?

Sophia – Well technically we met through my boyfriend’s band Blossoms. Phoebe had photographed them a few times and I’d heard so much about her that when we finally met, I felt like I’d known her for months already!


interviewing fashion blogger sophia rosemary and photographer phoebe fox


NC – How does your work complement each other?

Sophia – Phoebe is such a talented photographer and believe it or not I’m quite nervous in front of the camera, but she always gives such great direction.

Phoebe – Sophia has such an iconic look that’s so fun to photograph. I always love Sophia’s outfits, too, so I get excited about how she’ll style something and take influence off that myself.


NC – What makes Phoebe, Phoebe?
Sophia – Phoebe is one of the most talented photographers I’ve seen and I’ve rarely seen her without a camera in her hand. I think her passion for it is so admirable. She also has such a calming, chilled personality that’s super contagious! oh and she’s just a general babe.


NC – Sum Sophia up in one word…
Phoebe – Vivacious


sophia rosemary and phoebe fox wearing metallic dress and satin slip dressBlack Satin Midi Dress – £30


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