Interview: 5 mins with model, Grace Hodge, on how to pose like a pro!

Interview: 5 mins with model, Grace Hodge, on how to pose like a pro!


With eyes literally like sapphires, an utterly flawless complexion still sun-kissed from summer, and a mane so thick, lustrous and blonde, it would give the very dandiest of lions a run for their money, Grace Hodge takes au natural to the next level… if not the level after that. But make no mistake; wake-up-no-make-up beauty wasn’t all Grace was… ahem, graced with; she’s totally down to earth, possesses an unrivalled work ethic, and, on top of everything else, is super super smart (we’re talking just-graduated-from-Uni-as-a-physiotherapist smart). So when it came to our next #girlcrush model interview? Well, how could we resist…


In-between shooting our recent Halloween and Grunge-girl clothing campaigns, we took five mins out with Grace to chat about her top modelling tips. From posing like a pro to hiding that morning-after-the-night-before hue, get ready to up your photography game #realtalk.


interviewing fashion model grace hodge in nobody's child silver slip dress Silver Metallic Slip Dress – £22


Q&A with fashion model, Grace Hodge


NC – Hey Grace! So, tell us a little about yourself…

Grace – Hey guys, I’m Grace, also known as Gracey, G and, more embarrassingly by my best friends… as Grasos. I come from the smallest county in England; Rutland, and have been with Models 1 for the last two years (see Grace’s portfolio here!), although I only went full-time twelve weeks ago, after graduating from University as a physiotherapist.


NC – Congratulations! So, how did you get into modelling?

Grace – Unusually, my friend from Uni sent my ‘no makeup’ nomination to the agency via Facebook, and that’s how I’m with Models 1 today, so I owe all my thanks to her. Who knows what the future holds, but for now I’m really enjoying the whirlwind of a journey!


NC – Amazing! First up then, just how do you smile in a photo without looking like the Cheshire cat?

Grace – Find your happy place with your happy person. Think of that something or someone who makes you happy and brings out that natural smile. It’s cheesy but it’s true.


interviewing fashion model grace hodge in nobody's child black rib topBlack Frill Rib Top – coming soon


NC – What does your daily beauty regime look like?

Grace – Every morning and evening I cleanse, tone and moisturise religiously, as I like to look after my skin; it’s important for my job. My favourite skincare range is Liz Earle as the natural products are kind to my sensitive skin. I also use a moisturising face mask once or twice a week, and a face scrub to cleanse my pores from long days at work. My fave is the gorgeous smelling apricot scrub by St Ives.


NC – What one item from your cosmetics bag couldn’t you live without?

Grace – My Lucas Paw Paw Ointment. As a child I had really sore, chapped lips, and my cousins, who live in Oz where the product originates, introduced me to it several years ago. It changed my life (and my lips!), and now I can’t live without it. I always have a tube or pot to hand for everyday use; every girl needs kissable lips.


NC – …same question, but this time, your wardrobe?

Grace – If I’m honest, my wardrobe differs every single day. I choose an outfit depending on my mood and what my day consists of. For castings, I keep it simple with black jeans and a black tee, but I do love to dress it up with a velvet choker and corduroy jacket. If I’m out, I always opt for the classic LBD.


interviewing fashion model grace hodge in nobody's child red bardot topRed Tie-Sleeve Bardot Top – coming soon


NC – What are your top tips for model-worthy posing?

Grace – To me there is no ‘one’ pose a girl should do. When I model, I don’t have a specific pose; the key is to be natural. It’s important not to look forced, so for me it’s all about showing off your personality and having fun with cheeky dimple grins. That’s what people will remember!


NC – You’ve got a shoot first thing, but didn’t get in until the early hours. How do you disguise that ‘morning-after-the-night-before’ hue?

Grace – Embarrassingly, this actually happened to me once and (after a LOT of water!) I carried on as normal, as best I could. A little bit of lip balm (Lucas Paw Paw ointment, of course!), a huge smile, and no one will notice the state you’re in. Personality is everything!


NC – Similarly, you wake up 5 mins before having to leave the house. What’s your first port-of-call hair/make-up wise?

Grace – I don’t wear makeup day-to-day, but it’s essential that I brush through my hair and brows, so at least I don’t look like I’ve gone through a hedge backwards! Everything else I keep natural, and use my smile to hide the fact I’ve been in a rush.


interviewing fashion model grace hodge about pro modelling and posing tips


NC – What’s your go-to #squad pose?

Grace – I’ve never been good at a signature pose and as a teenager I always felt awkward in front of the camera. I’m more of a catch-me-in-the-moment kind of girl and you can never go wrong with a natural smile!


NC – Best album to shoot to…

Grace – I love so many genres thanks to growing up with a Dad who has educated me in music. So as long as the team I work with like the tunes, then so do I! If the team is happy and bubbly, it really affects my work positively.


NC – What’s the secret behind taking a perfect selfie?

Grace – I’m never satisfied with a selfie but be yourself and show your personality. Do it in an outfit you love, or when you’re makeup is on-point and you’ll feel like a confident goddess. And of course… get the lighting right!


interviewing fashion model grace hodge in nobody's child green bardot dressGreen Satin Bardot Dress – £25


NC – Any confidence tricks for those less comfortable in front of the camera?

Grace – Every single person is unique and therefore perfect in their own way. Somewhere, someone in the world will want something you have, so never feel self conscious in front of the camera. Increase your confidence by flaunting and accentuating a feature that you love about yourself. It also always helps to have the Batman to your Robin, so grab a best friend and smile together, then you won’t feel so on the spot!


For more pro-model posing tips, make sure you’re following Grace on Instagram @Gracey_Hodge, and if you HAVE learnt a trick or two, then tag us in a shot using #NCrowd for a chance to get featured on our page!


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