How do you get noticed at London Fashion Week?

How do you get noticed at London Fashion Week?


London Fashion Week is less than a week away now, so if you were wondering what that weird screeching noise was, it’s the sound of a thousand coat hangers sliding against a thousand rails as all manner of bloggers, instagrammers, and social influencers, columnists, journalists, and stylists begin the search for the perfect outfit. But with everyone who’s anyone billed to make an appearance, just how do you get noticed among the trend collective?


Well, while you probably won’t get stopped by the likes of Mario Testino, that’s not to say there won’t be others there who are interested in snapping your style. In fact, that flock of fashionistas (and yes, ‘flock’ is the correct term…probably) who gather outside LFW, are either there to get papped, or to do the papping, so there’s plenty of opportunity to get noticed, assuming you take note of the following tips and tricks…


Tip 1. Showcase an original style


The more original your look, the more attention you’ll get… it ain’t rocket. But before you go reaching for the pink feather boa and taxi yellow rain mac, just because people are looking, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to make it into Vogue. Your look needs to be original, yes, but considered.


There are a few ways to achieve this. First and foremost, why not try pairing two seasonal pieces that others wouldn’t necessarily have thought to combine. A pink roll neck top layered under our bronze slip dress, for instance? Or blur two distinct styles together; perhaps dedicate your lower half to an athleisure vibe – joggers and a pair of heels, say – with your upper half exhibiting this season’s darker take on florals. Last but not least, mixing something contemporary with something vintage, whether it’s an authentic pill box hat, or your Nan’s string pearl necklace, is always effective, and provides you with a talking point if someone enquires about your outfit.


bronze slip dress getting noticed at london fashion weekMetallic Slip Dress – £25


Tip 2. Dress On Trend


While originality is key to getting noticed at London Fashion Week, it’s also important that you’re on trend. Photographers are more than likely there to snap photos for some sort of report, whether it’s a piece on LFW street style, or an SS17 fashion forecast, so unless you’re a strut ahead of the pack, they’ll move onto someone who is.


Metallics are firmly on the style agenda for AW16; eye-catching to say the least, with mirror-like surfaces that look great through a lens, they’re guaranteed to get you noticed. Alternatively, look to our Dark Romance collection. Lace trim bodies, velvet bombers and star-speckled mini dresses… as the trend tribe prepare to experiment with a darker look for autumn/winter, this is your chance to show them how’s it done.


Tip 3. Partner Up with a Friend


While plenty of people venture unaccompanied to London Fashion Week, there’s a lot to be said for bringing your BFF…assuming you don’t mind sharing the spotlight. Not only will you come across more confidently, but by dressing in complementary outfits, you’re likely to create twice the impact.


As explained in our previous style guide on how to coordinate your wardrobe with a bestie, the idea isn’t to wear the exact same outfit. You’ll simply look like identical twins, minus the identical twin part. Instead, look to corresponding colour themes – silver and blue for example, or agree on a particular motif from AW16 and stick with it.


friends wearing star print to get noticed at london fashion weekStar Print Mini Dress – £25, Star Print Pyjama Shirt – £25


Tip 4. Show Confidence


Cowering in a corner refreshing your Instagram notifications isn’t going to get you noticed…pink feather boa, or not. At the same time, marching from one end of Brewer Street to the other in thirty seconds flat, only to turnaround and walk back again will look a little try-hard.


Instead, take the opportunity to network. Small talk can be painful, but unlike a bar, at least you know that everyone at London Fashion Week has a mutual interest of…well, fashion. Whether you make a comment on their shoes, or simply ask what they’ve come to see, get talking. You never know what opportunities might come of it, plus, you’ll look far more approachable to others.


Tip 5. Wear just the one statement accessory


Oversized handbag, Hepburn-esque glasses, and a teacup Chihuahua under arm; too many accessories, and you can expect a brush from the fash-police.


When it comes to those statement items, there’s fine line between what’s hot and what’s most definitely not. Instead, champion the one eye-catching addition, and work your outfit around it. A well-placed fedora has the ability to totally uplift an otherwise pleasant-but-plain get-up, while body chains are very of-the-moment.


green pyjama blouse to wear at london fashion weekGreen Pyjama Blouse – £18


Tip 6. Be Yourself


That ol’ chestnut. But if you usually dress super-casj, with a mind to suddenly do Parisian-polish, you’re not going to feel comfortable or confident, and won’t necessarily know how to move right. Instead, stick with a style you’re familiar with and simply rev it up a notch, whether that’s with a flashier pair of heels, a profesh blow-dry or a striking neon lip.


Tip 7. Perfect your Pose


Hallelujah, praise the lord, a photographer wants to snap your style. Ergo, you’ve been noticed at London Fashion Week, darling!! But now it comes to the crunch; your pose. You may have piled on the print à la Olivia Palermo, but no doubt, so have others, and when that shutterbug flicks lightening-speed through their 1000 photos at the end of the day, your’s needs to stand out!


In the lead-up to LFW, try practising a few poses while wearing your outfit, and make sure each stance helps to shows off a defining features. If you’re wearing a skater dress, then try twisting your hips a little to add volume to the skirt. A bomber jacket? Perhaps place your hands in your pockets to add a nice ruffled texture to the sleeves. As for culottes, give a little strut…toes pointed, one leg in front of the other, mind.


girl wearing star mini dress at london fashion weekStar Print Mini Dress – £25


Let us know your tops tips for getting noticed at London Fashion Week in the comment box below, and who knows, if you follow the seven points above, we might even snap you ourselves for our upcoming street style feature.



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