How to Get a Whole Lot More Outta Your Daily Commute

How to Get a Whole Lot More Outta Your Daily Commute

Paying to travel to work, right? It makes almost zero sense. I mean, the minute you arrive to start your day, you’re already quids-down. And then there’s the commute itself. The never-ending traffic jams, the seemingly-pointless train delays… that nightly battle into an overcrowded, overheated, overpriced tube carriage to only then endure the next 15 minutes within the muggy confines of a strangers armpit?! Whatever your journey, whether it’s into school, the office (assuming you read our recent interview tips), or a frenzied attempt to make it in for the second half of that uni lecture, we’re looking at some serious time wastage. Or are we?

Those two hours or so a day (IOW, ten hours a week, forty hours a month… etc. etc.) could totes be put to better use… other than Netflix, we mean. People, it’s time to take your commute back!

1. Start Meditation


Yes, there’s the temptation to simply close your eyes and nod off back to sleep. But chances are you’ll wake up two stops too late and will feel even groggier than before (next stop: Starbucks). Instead, why not try your hand at a little meditation. Free-to-download apps such as Headspace or Calm are perfect for beginners and will guide you step-by-step through the entire process. It’s a great way to mentally prep yourself for the day ahead, plus how the hell else are you meant to zone out from that armpit and into a bonsai-bedecked garden of zen.


2. Begin a Blog


Sounds daunting. It’s not. And £10 says you’ve been meaning to start one for some time now. Pick a subject that fascinates you – whether that’s home cooking, book reviews, or some kinda’ fashion and style guide – and literally start writing, even if it’s just in the Notes section on your iPhone. You’ll probably bang out enough content for an entire entry during a single journey, and who knows, before too long you might be able to make a career out of it like Yanin Namasonthi (who we interviewed on the subject just last month!).


3. Pick Up Reading Again


Hands-up if you can count the number of books you’ve read this year on one thumb (if that!). But even if you have dipped into the odd novel here and there, chances are there’s a list as long as your inbox (quadruple digits on your email icon?! Tut tut) of books you’ve either been recommended by a friend, have spotted during those train’s-delayed-yet-again kinda’ evenings spent in WH Smiths, or really truly just should have read. Treat yo’self to a Kindle, and make it happen!


4. Listen to a Podcast


If you can’t quite bring yourself to read or write during the daybreak hours and/or need to keep your hands free in order to apply a lil’ mascara or the like, a podcast can be just as productive a way to spend your commute. And there are podcasts on just about anything, whether it’s an episodic psychological thriller (check out Homecoming) or a bitesize chunk of the need-to-know going-ons (see, The Daily).


5. Get Some Exercise


Yeah, we’ve all heard that ol’ chestnut – going for a one hour run only takes up 4% of your day, but in reality, that one hour run is more like 25% of your precious evening. So why not turn your commute, which is wasted time anyway, into a fat-burning, stress-scorching, endorphin-boosting exercise sesh’. How? Toss that oyster card back in the drawer and fish out your trusty bike rusting away in the shed. Plus you’ll save a whole loada’ moola!

None of the above any good? You could always spend your commute doing a lil’ shop. And TBH, seeing how we’ve just dropped a bunch of newness (including tie front tops, frill hem jumpsuits and semi-sheer mesh bodysuits), that’s probably how we’re personally gonna tackle tonight’s almost-definitely-gonna-happen train delay.

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