Why your standard Halloween costume ISN’T ‘cutting it’ this year…

Why your standard Halloween costume ISN’T ‘cutting it’ this year…


Vampires, werewolves, witches and zombies… it’s all a bit 2015, truth be told. Been there, done that, still got the blood-stained, scissor-snipped t-shirt (well, you never know when one might come in handy!). This year, we’re approaching Halloween a little differently, and by that, we certainly don’t mean those age-old articles that do the rounds come every October; ‘5 ways to do Halloween like an it-girl’, and the like – which usually boil (and bubble!) down to simply chucking a pair of budget-buy devil horns on your head, along with your kinkiest, slinkiest black bodycon dress. Instead, we’ve decided to do Halloween a little more, well, fashionably.


nodody's child black and red velvet skater dress for fashionable halloween styleBlack Velvet Skater Dress – £30


AW16 has marked a darker tone for the style collective. Not only has the grunge-glam, goth-glitz vibe of the 90s risen to walk the earth once more, but it’s taken on an even older, Victorian-inspired vibe. We’re talking slip dresses that wouldn’t look amiss on a fresh-faced Kate Moss, re-imagined in vampiric velvet; Cindy Crawford-style bodysuits with decadent panels of lace; and high-rise, rock-chick skater skirts in all-absorbing shades of black. In short, with such a rich and indulgent offering currently on the style agenda, it would be an absolute injustice if we didn’t make the most of it for Halloween!


girls wearing nobody's child velvet slip dresses for fashionable halloween styleBlack Mesh Velvet Slip Dress – £25


So, get ready to can the cape and scrap the hat. Less black cat, more cat walk. Save the costume for the beach, the face mask for your pamper sesh, and as for the glow-in-the-dark fake teeth? They’ll be plenty of time for those during retirement… luminescent, or not. Don’t get us wrong; by no means are we suggesting a total fancy-dress cull. But rather, we’re proposing something in-between the sort of outfit which requires an entire aisle of Nivea face wipes to remove, and a look the plastics from Mean Girls would consider ‘totes appropes’. In essence, think understated horror, to the tune of another cult movie; 90s teen thriller, The Craft.


nobody's child velvet skater skirt for fashionable halloween costumeBlack Velvet Skater Skirt – £16


But how? Well, first-things-first, head on over to our Halloween style edit, absolutely brimming with bewitching lace-layered skaters, spellbinding velvet bodycons and dead gorgeous mesh slip dresses. And then, it’s simply a case of adding boots for a tough-gal twist, twin bunching your hair for an authentic nod to the decade, and introducing a semi-gothic touch to your make-up; whether that’s a slick of devil-red to the lips, a slightly paler-than-usual hue for your face, or, if you’re feeling particularly entrancing, perhaps a pentagram-like pattern to the eyes. As for that trustee choker necklace – the one that’s barely left your neck all year – need you even ask?.


girls wearing nobody's child velvet skater dresses for fashionable halloween styled costumeRed Velvet Skater Dress – £30


Let us know in the comment box below if you plan to do Halloween a little more fashionably this year! Or check out our take on the best ever celebrity Halloween costumes for a more traditional slice of ghoulish inspo. Either way, we’d love to see your heel-raising get-ups over on Instagram, so tag us in a shot using #NCstyle for the chance to get featured on our feed!


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