The Need-to-Know Holiday Packing Hacks You’ve Never Used

The Need-to-Know Holiday Packing Hacks You’ve Never Used


Holiday coming up? Ok, so we both already know how this is gonna go: you’ll read this list of packing hacks, think maybe a few of the ten might actually come in quite handy, try to remember to use them, leave packing last minute (as per usual), and end up slinging everything over-shoulder straight from wardrobe-to-suitcase anyway. Nevertheless, we thought we’d write it anyway, you know, on the off-chance you might finally decide to break the habit of a lifetime. Hey, we can hope… right?


1. Wear Your Bulkiest Items


Maybe it’s an British thing, but lemme guess – you’re off to Santorino, it’s gonna be a cooool 30 degrees min, and you still kinda want to take a jacket. And jeans. Oh yeah, and that never-fail-me sweat you rarely leave the house without. You know, just in case there’s a freak snow storm or summin. FYI there won’t. But you’re still going to take them anyway, so instead of it wasting precious room in the suitcase, why not wear them!


2. Pack by Outfits


Don’t just go throwing any old tees, crop tops and shorts into the case. Firstly, you’ll end up with wayyyy too much. Secondly, you’ll only have yourself to blame the moment you arrive and realise that absolutely nothing goes. Instead, pack by outfit (including your underwear). No black undies under a cream midi dress on our watch!


3. Roll, don’t fold


Oldest trick in the book? Yeah, maybe, but still… how many of you actually do it? Thought as much, which is a crying shame seeing as there’s a reason it’s the oldest trick in the book. No creases (ok, less creases), more room, and the best bit of all, no time-consuming folding!


4. The 3:1 Ratio


Pack three tops for every pair of bottoms. Ain’t rocket.


5. Pack Black


Controversial? Yeah, maybe a little. But still, black hides a multitude of sins… as they say. Or IOW, spill a lil’ sangria on your midi wrap dress at the beginning of the night, and no one else ever needs to know.


6. Pack your whites inside out


As for the whites you do pack (and BTW, our just-in lace ruffle crop top is sooo vacay-ready), turn them inside out before you sling’em in the case. This way, if they do end up coming face-to-face with your eyeliner (which, let’s face it, will definitely find a way to separate itself from the lid) it won’t be a total disaster.


7. Stick your heaviest items by the wheels


And there was you thinking that physics lesson on gravity would never come in useful. Stick the heavier items – you know; your toiletries bag, that bumper bottle of factor 50 sunblock, and those brand-new Superga platform trainers – near the wheels, and your suitcase will be a helluva lot sturdier when you’re racing break-neck speed to that flight you’re almost definitely why-did-i-hit-snooze-for-a-third-time gonna miss.


8. Slip breakables into your socks


Granted, it’s probably not going to help when you accidentally drop your suitcase down the escalator, but by sticking your perfume bottles and-the-like into a pair of socks first, it’ll at least provide a little added protection.


9. Stuff those socks into shoes


…especially when you then stuff those socks into your new platform trainers. Ergo, not only keeping them nice and shapely during the flight, but also saving a bit of space, too. Now if that’s not multi-tasking, I dunno what is.


10. Thread your necklaces through a straw


So that retro-cool flamingo necklace you’ve bought espesh’ for holiday… it’s not gonna be fun trying to untangle 13 hours of less-than-careful suitcase handling. The solution? A straw, actually. Simply thread the chain through either end and then close the clasp. Boom.


Consider yourself something of a globetrotter? Then jot down your own holiday packing hacks below, before short-hauling your way over to our vacay-ready essentials. We’re talking palm print midi skirts, floral patterned flippy shorts and Hawaiian print tie-front playsuits.


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