A look back at Harry Styles’s hair through the years

A look back at Harry Styles’s hair through the years


Twitter went into meltdown several times over the weekend, and it had nothing to do with the scorching weather. On Saturday, 1D heartthrob, Harry Styles, posted a pic of his severed plait of hair alongside a caption simply saying ‘whoops.’ An entire day of anticipation later, and a photo of Harry with his new cropped ‘do’ emerges, only for the world to discover it’s an ingenious ‘face swap’ fake! So, while we continue to wait with baited breath for the pic that will no doubt end twitter once and for all, we thought we’d take a look back at Harry’s hairstyle history.


Harry Styles chopped hair


A celebrity in its own right, Harry’s head of locks have been the subject of attention since his rise to fame following the 2010 series of X-Factor. From curly haired teen idol, to mane-flowing lothario, you can practically chart the growth of One Direction by the growth of Harry’s hair.


2010 – The Mop


The year when it all began. Harry sported what was then known as ‘the Bieber’ – a young man’s comb-over, which required a sweeping hand gesture every twenty seconds to ensure that front wave of hair covered the forehead just right!


The 16 year old’s natural curls and ‘because I’m worth it’ volume added its own spin on the style, and so it wasn’t long before teenagers the country-wide stopped asking their barbers for the Beiber, and instead requested something a little closer to home.


Harry Styles 2010 hairstyle


2011-2012 – The Mop 2.0


Harry’s trademark mop got longer, bushier, and somehow, curlier. At the time, this just seemed like a teen neglecting his monthly trip to the hairdressers. Little did we know that it was the beginning of the future, marking his transition from X-Factor wannabe to global superstar.


Harry Styles 2011 hairstyle


2013 – The Quiff


Having run out of space on his forehead, there was only…um…one direction those locks could turn – up! Still left curly on the sides, Harry had no doubt discovered the wonders of GHDs and started brushing a straighter-looking section of hair back on top into one perfectly coiffed quiff.


Harry Styles 2013 quiff hairstyle


2014 – The Mob (something between mop and bob)


As the quiff grew, and ultimately flopped under its own weight, Harry took to wearing his hair for the first time in a longer style, occasionally accompanied by a Keith Richards-esque headband.


The man bun also began to make an appearance and is partly to blame for the sudden influx of men who started sporting their own ‘top knot’ of hair that summer, in such a way that wouldn’t have looked out of place on a 12th century samurai warrior….or indeed a pineapple.


Harry Styles 2014 long hair


2015 – Hairy Styles


The definitive Harry Styles look – long, luscious locks with a sweeping quiff on top. Harry began to look less pop star and more rock god, and as his departure from the clean cut styling of his bandmates developed, as did the rumours that he’d be first to break away….though of course, we now all know that this wasn’t to be the case…


Harry Styles 2015 long hair


2016 – ???


So what’s next for Harry’s hair; buzz cut, mullet, faux hawk or spikes? While we all continue to wait, why not check out our recent photoshoot with his sister, Gemma Style’s here, or have a browse through her handpicked selection of absolute fave Nobody’s Child pieces!


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