Google is about to revolutionise the way you shop…

Google is about to revolutionise the way you shop…


Google maps? Meh. Gmail? Over it. The ability to search 30 trillion sites in about 1.16 seconds? Yeah, impressive… about 10 years ago. It takes a lot to excite the digital generation, and while Google Plus perhaps didn’t hit the mark, the latest slice of hi-tech wizardry to arrive – best wishes, Silicon Valley – is set to revolutionise the way you shop. No, really.


The boffins at Google have noticed how social media – namely Instagram (namely not Google Plus) – has had a bit of an effect on the way we shop for fashion, and by ‘bit of an effect’, we mean totally transform it beyond all recognition. Bored with traditional advertising, and correct us if we’re wrong, but today’s shopper is far more likely to take style cues from their fave Instagrammer than they are from that looming billboard on the walk home. In fact, you’re probably too busy looking down at your phone to even notice it, right?


google's new fashion clothing buying feature - shop the look


Thought as much, which is exactly where Google’s latest feature, ‘Shop The Look’ (created in with partnership with Reward Style’s shopping platform comes into its own. Imagine it’s Tuesday evening, and you need a dress – like, pronto – for drinks on Friday night. Now imagine, and bear with us on this one, but instead of heading straight to Nobody’s Child, you type ‘going out dresses’ into Google, at which point you’re suddenly bombarded by the various brands, marketplaces and on-line clothing retailers…each claiming to stock the slinkiest, sexiest, and hands-down most stylish LBD around. It’s all a bit cray, truth be told, and Google know it!


fashion bloggers wearing nobody's child on google's shop the look


Going forward, the search engine will instead present you with a carousel along the top of the page, displaying  a selection of social influencers all wearing the item you searched for. At that point, you simply select whichever style you’re after, whether it’s a slip, a bodycon, or a skater dress, and Google will not only tell you where that particular style’s from, but will also present you with a range of similar styles, too. Welcome to the 21st century, y’all.


nobody's child jumpsuit on google's new fashion feature shop the look


What do YOU make of Google’s new shopping tool? Too little, too late, considering you can pretty much shop straight from most fashion blogger’s feeds anyway, or an invaluable time saver? And talking of social influencers, did you catch our list of the 10 best instagram pics you guys tagged us in over summer?


Non-brand images sourced from Pinterest and Tumblr


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