#GirlCrush: A ‘day in the life’ with Sophia Rosemary & Phoebe Fox

#GirlCrush: A ‘day in the life’ with Sophia Rosemary & Phoebe Fox


#GirlCrush – remember that? Our way of celebrating all things girlkind, whether it’s that ‘in’ joke only you and your BFF would ever find remotely funny, or that model you’ve followed on Instagram from the get-go, who’s only now getting the recognition you always knew she deserved! Well, it’s back, and to mark the occasion, we hit Shoreditch with real-life besties, Sophia Rosemary and Phoebe Fox.


Sophia is a super groovy, Manchester-based style blogger – not to mention, a self-confessed #CrazyCatLady (and we’re talking cat t-shirts, cat jumpers, cat shoes, cat pillows, and perhaps unsurprisingly, an actual cat named Evie), who’s partial to anything retro, whether it’s music, fashion or her 60s-tastic bob, and has a wickedly self-deprecating sense of humour, which often revolves around the length of her limbs (she’s perfectly proportioned FYI). While Phoebe is an uber cool London photographer, who shoots ‘music and the people surrounding it’, with the likes of Foals, Wolf Alice, Catfish & the Bottlemen, and Two Door Cinema Club already gracing her ever-increasing portfolio, despite the fact she’s still at University!


day out with fashion blogger sophia rosemary and photographer phoebe fox


As BFFs, Phoebe’s shot Sophia in the past, and so we thought we’d take the two of them to Shoreditch (a hub for fashion, music and all things retro!), for a day-in-the-life account of the sort of things they get up to. We met for lunch at the insanely popular Breakfast Club cafe, and by insanely popular, we mean queued for half-an-hour before being seated at the neon-lit, industrial furnished lunch spot, where we dined on the likes of eggs benedict, smashed avo-on-toast, and fried chicken and waffles… And yes, that infamous Smeg fridge door overlooked the entire affair; you know, the one that supposedly leads to a mysterious underground speakeasy, as mentioned in our post on the secret bars of London. But tempted as we were to open and see, there was no time to lose…


fashion blogger sophia rosemary and photographer phoebe fox eating at breakfast club


It was straight onto Rough Trade; arguably London’s most renowned record store. Well, we say it was ‘straight onto’, but powerless to resist the highly instagrammable offerings of Shoreditch en-route, we squeezed in a little ‘street style’ photo-sesh. Both wearing Nobody’s Child, Phoebe in our Pussy Bow Top, and Sophia in our Velvet Skater Dress, it was an absolute plesh to see the two working together, both in their respective elements. And the pictures prove it. But until next week, you’ll just have to take us at our word… Soz.


street shoot of sophia rosemary and phoebe fox wearing nobodys child velvet dress


Finally arriving at Rough Trade, it was all-in the resident photo booth… despite the fact we were armed with several DSLR’s, two FUJI Polaroids, and a camera phone in each of our pockets. Some things never change. Peace signs and lip pouts aside, the girls then picked out a selection of their all-time fave LPs, to the tune of Jeff Buckley, Tame Impala, Arctic Monkeys and the Velvet Underground. Needless to say, they both have an impeccable taste in music, but then again, we didn’t expect anything less. Cue a brief exchange regarding cherished tracks and the like, before the silly (but very much mandatory!) boomerangs commenced. Though one beady look from the store manager soon had us back on… track.


photobooth pic of sophia rosemary and phoebe fox wearing nobodys child star sweat


A few more street shots, and it was conclusively coffee o’clock. Is there a finer hour? Over the warming (and tongue-loosening!) influence of chai tee lattes, we interviewed Sophia and Phoebe about their fascinating lifestyles, passions, influences, and inspirations, not to mention their BFF-ship, (again, you’ll have to wait until next week for the answers!), and then it was onto Ed’s Easy Diner for much-deserved burger-n-shakes all round.


sophia rosemary and phoebe fox wearing nobody's child metallic evening dresses


Think you’ve got what it takes to be our next #girlcrush? Whether you’re a ballerina for the modern-day, like previous crush Grace Goodier, an outspoken columnist for the millennial generation, like Gemma Styles, a fashion blogger, music photographer, or something else entirely, drop us a line in the comment box below! 


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    I love those creative besties! I’m a game artist working on mobile games in central London and I love your brand <3 Maybe my job is a little too nerdy to be a #girlcrush but if you want to learn more, do let me know! x


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