#girlcrush: Grace Ackerman

#girlcrush: Grace Ackerman

Emerging artist Grace Ackerman, is better known as the lead vocalist in last year’s break through act Chasing Grace. But now she’s flying solo, we’re the ones doing the chasing… erm #girlcrush anyone? Not only does amazing Grace have hauntingly ethereal vocals, but girlfriend’s style is out of this world.

An NC-er though and through, Grace’s signature style is grunge meets girl next door and we dig it. We caught up with the songstress on our latest shoot to delve a little deeper into her personal style…

How does your style reflect your music?

I think that I write quite deep and dark lyrics which reflects the grungey tones in my style, but I always try to contrast and add a bold print or colour to reflect the pop… literally!


What influences your look?

I sometimes take influence from streetwear but I have quite a strong opinion on what I put on myself. I’m often told not to buy something because it’s different, but that only makes me want to wear it more!


What’s the worst outfit a stylist has ever dressed you in?

Definitely a 6 (or above) inch heel… I have absolutely nothing against them, and take my hat off to anyone that can walk in them, but I can barely walk in a flatform let alone heels!

What one item in your wardrobe perfectly sums you up?

Probably my denim dungarees. I’m obsessed with anything denim, but whenever I’m tired or can’t be bothered to think up an outfit, they are my go-to!


Grace’s first solo single Feels Like Home is available for download now, with new tracks dropping early next year. Catch her first headline show on November 29th at The Waiting Room in Stoke Newington, tickets available on the door.

Are you diggin’ Grace’s look? Let us know if you’re crushing on Grace in the comments below and head on over to New In to shop her look.


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