#DeckTheGals – Win T-Shirts for the Squad with our Girl Gang Comp

#DeckTheGals – Win T-Shirts for the Squad with our Girl Gang Comp


Last week, we hit Shoreditch with real-life besties, Sophia Rosemary and Phoebe Fox, for the latest instalment of our ongoing #girlcrush campaign. But while the whole BFF thang has literally exploded these last few years – with the likes of ‘sisters before misters’ and ‘chicks before…’ (well, you know the rest) racking up the ol’ likes on Instagram – so has another female-only social group; the girl gang.


Whether it’s that GNO selfie, or a formation shot en-route to Nando’s,  just try scrolling through your feed without hearing the rallying cry of  #SquadGoals. A retaliation (correction: she-taliation) to Noughtie’s lad culture – and mainly driven by social media – considering 68% of Instagram users are women, it looks like the girl gang is here… to slay! So, to celebrate this turning of tables, we’ve released our ‘Girl Gang’ slogan tee, and if you are ask us, what better way to pledge your allegiance? In fact, to mark it’s release, we’ve only gone and organised our biggest competition to date. But before all that…


Q&A with Fashion Blogger, Mary L Jean


We spoke to Mary L Jean – a digital influencer to the tune of 89k followers  – about what she makes of the meteoric rise of the girl gang…


NC – So, why do you think the Girl Gang has made such a comeback in recent times?
Mary – What with all the problems in the world at the moment, it’s never been more important to have your best friends by your side.


NC – Is it just a bit of fun, or is there a deeper meaning behind it all?
Mary – It’s definitely more than a bit of fun. To be part of a girl gang is extremely important in life, as it not only means there’s always someone there to talk to, but also that you’re part of something.


fashion blogger mary l jean with her girl gang


NC – What sort of your things do you and your squad get up to?
Mary – It’s all about spending time together. The girls and I will often hit the gym, go on a ladies’ night out, cook dinner with each other, or even study together.


NC – How (if at all) do you and your girl gang coordinate outfits when you go out?
Mary – I remember when we were younger, my besties and I would often wear the same colours or styles by accident. I feel like when you’re spending a lot of time with your friends, you don’t necessarily coordinate on purpose. Similarities just happen.


fashion blogger mary l jean with her girl gang
NC – From the Spice Girls to Carrie & Co, which Girl Gang takes the crown?
Mary – Carrie, of course!


NC – What’s your ultimate #squadgoal?
Mary – I guess my ultimate #squadgoal would be my my Girls – when it comes to personalities, we might be very different, but together it feels like the perfect mixture.


The Competition


So, the competition. Tomorrow, we’ll be posting an image (similar to the one below) over on Instagram. All you’ve got to do is tag your girl gang – surprise, surprise – by lunchtime, Friday, for the chance to pimp your entire squad out in Girl Gang Tee’s. Plus, you’ll also win a £50 each, aaaaaand a Fuji Instax Camera to snap it all with!


squad wearing nobody's child girl gang slogan t-shirtGirl Gang Slogan Tee – £12


So, keep refreshing that insta-feed, and in the meantime check out our previous post on the 7 girl gangs we really wish we’d been in – you know, for a little inspo in prep for that shiny new camera!



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