How To Make Old-School Gingham Feel ‘Current’ Again

How To Make Old-School Gingham Feel ‘Current’ Again


Gingham. Hands down the print of the moment. That said, one look at the two-tone fabric and no doubt some of you are transported back to your primary school classroom, sitting cross-legged on the floor in that red and white checked dress (you know the one!). Heck, you’re probably wearing a pair of those white frilly-edge ankle socks, too. Funny how things come back round, ain’t it? So if that’s you, and you’re struggling to see gingham for the oh-so-now megatrend that it is, look no further…


A few weeks ago, we hit the streets of London with Swiss fashion blogger (and latest NC #girlcrush) @MaryLJean, to show you exactly how to make old-school gingham feel, well, current again.


Look 1 – Gingham Skirt, Bardot Top and Superga Trainers


If you’re checkin’ in over summer, better make sure this gingham ruffle skirt’s first on the holiday wishlist. And while you’re at it, better make sure there’s room in the case (and thanks to these 10 need-to-know packing hacks, there will be!) for this white bardot top, too.

In an all-new cropped cut, the two make for an uber-flattering collabo, plus the frilly overlay provides the perfect flicker of movement for those late night strolls along the shore. As for footwear, while strappy sandals would defo work, why not try it with trainers (these platform Superga’s get our vote) for a street-wise edge?


girl styling nobody's child red gingham bralet co-ord in modern wayRed & White Gingham Ruffle Skirt – £22


Look 2 – Gingham Slip Dress, Rucksack and Aviator Sunglasses


Wanna give your 90s slip dress a fresh new look? Try layering it over a block colour tee. Seriously, it’s that easy, and as you can see, totes effective when it comes to this lilac gingham number. Now for that contemporary spin… Mary stays true to her trademark boots (just try and get her outta them), and throws our holographic rucksack over-shoulder for an instant shot of snap-worthy colour. The result? Anything other than primary school classroom. #Textbook.


girl styling nobody's child lilac gingham slip dress in modern wayLilac Gingham Slip Dress – £15


Look 3 – Gingham Skirt and Bralet Co-ord, Denim Jacket and Vintage Hat


With ruffle shoulders, a frilly hemline and that look-at-me bow at the back, this gingham co-ord could defo do the whole girl-next-door thing. Eyes closed. Instead, Mary adds a grunge-glam vibe with Doc M’s, a sun-bleached denim jacket, and her signature baker boy hat, ensuring school’s out for good. As for that all-important finishing touch, these clear lens glasses are a fash-pack fave RN.


girl styling nobody's child red gingham bralet co-ord in modern wayGingham Skirt & Bralet Co-ord – Coming Soon


However you’re squaring up to gingham this summer, better check out our dedicated category page, pronto! And if you do end up buying summin’ to refresh the rail, here’s how you can make a lil’ cash yourself from the purchase! No, seriously.


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