The step-by-step guide to fashion-forward Halloween Make-up

The step-by-step guide to fashion-forward Halloween Make-up


As you no doubt know by now, we’re approaching the 31st October a little differently this year – Halloween Re-Vamped, if you’ll excuse the pun. And it’s all thanks to a darker, more decadent vibe currently du jour among the fash-pack. From luxe-velvet skirts to lace-layered dresses, AW16’s a bubbling concoction of the gothic, the glamorous, the grunge, and the glitz. Heck, even florals have jumped on-board the trend train, adopting a duskier tone for autumn/winter. So, let’s face it, when your wardrobe’s already darker than Victoria Beckham’s LBD rail, why the hell would you bother with fancy dress? 


With this in mind, last week we showed you how to take a more catwalk-inspired approach to your Halloween get-up, and now we’re doing the same for your make-up. But fear not; this isn’t some back alley, buzzfeed-referenced tutorial. Far from it, in fact. Instead, we spoke to none other than esteemed make-up artist, Kim Kiefer, who’s not only worked with the likes of Suki Waterhouse, Ella Eyre and Rita Ora, but provided the beauty direction for our recent Halloween campaign. So grab a mirror (vampires will need to improvise), your cosmetics bag, and get ready for our step-by-step, strut-by-strut, guide to fashion-forward Halloween make-up.



Halloween Makeup Tutorial 1 – The All-Seeing Eye


1. Fetch yourself a pen-tipped liquid eyeliner, preferable waterproof (Halloween’s been known to get messy, you know!). Kim personally recommends Mac Fluidline.

2. TOP TIP – before applying any of the following lines, trace out the shape with a nude lip pencil. Not only will this give you a guide, but will make less of a mess when you ultimately go wrong the first time round.


makeup artist showing how to create stylish fashionable halloween star makeup


3. Start by drawing a horizontal line out from the outer-v of your eye.

4. TOP TIP – for a steady stroke, rest the hand you’re not using, on your cheek (with a piece of paper in-between), and the hand you are using on top of this.

5. Draw another line, this time extending out from the inner-v of your eye.

6. Draw 4 more straight lines, in-between the ones above, from the direction of your pupil outwards. Make sure they’re evenly spaced, and roughly the same thickness. (2-4mm for the perfectionists out there!)

7. TOP TIP – use an oyster card (or debit card, for non-London residents) in order to create a nice smooth line.


step by step tutorial showing how to create stylish fashionable halloween star makeup


8. Join the lines together at alternating ends. i.e. connect the top of one line, to the bottom of another.

9. Now that you’ve got the shape, dab vaseline onto the centre of the eyelid using your little finger, and add a silvery shade of glitter on top. This will help give your eye a more flattering shape.

10. TOP TIP – use sellotape to remove any excess glitter. (the same applies for flower pollen FYI, if ever you’re unfortunate enough to get that stuff on your clothes!)

11. Apply mascara as you usually would, perhaps with a little extra gusto, seeing as it is Halloween n’ all. TOP TIP – what with mascara brushes getting bigger, bolder and bushier by the year, shield your make-up with a spoon to avoid smearing your artistic masterpiece.


girl with stylish fashionable Halloween star makeup


Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2 – Feline Flicker


1. Coat both eyelids with waterproof eyeliner

2. Follow the curve of your upper lid outwards, in order to create a 1950s-style wing

3. From the outer most point of the wing, draw a line back to the outer-v of your eye, and shade in the space created.


girl with stylish fashionable Halloween cat's eye makeup


4. TOP TIP – apply scotch tape to your face for MUA-like accuracy.

5. Now follow the curve of your bottom eyelid outwards, in order to create a second wing below the first. Once again, draw a line back to the outer-v, and fill in the space as before.

6. Repeat the above step, but this time angle the wing downwards. Draw a line connecting this third wing back to the lashline, and colour in the gap (if, for whatever reason, you now have four wings, you’ve accidentally re-read a step!).


step by step tutorial showing how to create stylish fashionable halloween cat's eye makeup


7. TOP TIP – fix any rough edges with concealer, using a cotton bud for extra precision.

8. With your little finger, add a touch of gel glitter cream to the lids in order to make the eyes pop… figuratively speaking, of course (even if it is Halloween)

9. TOP TIP – to ensure your makeup stays put all night (subject to apple bobbing), set it with a light dusting of baby powder.


girl with stylish fashionable Halloween cat's eye makeup


How are you doing your make-up for Halloween? Let us know in the comment box below or check out these 7 outrageous celebrity Halloween costumes if you’re still in need of a little extra inspo!


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